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Buyer wants a downloadable demo link

Hi, I have had a request for a potential buyer to supply them with a downloadable version of my Voice Over demo, because they want to present options to a client.
If I supply them with a link to a downloadable version of my demo (outside of Fiverr) is that going to violate any terms of service?
Is there a way within Fiverr to supply them with a downloadable version?
Any help navigating this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Yeah that’s problematic. Looks like this Buyer wants to do this via a download instead of by sharing your Fiverr gig to show the demo because they don’t want their client to be able to buy directly from you. They want to mark up your services so they can resell it for a profit. You don’t want to deal with that, especially from someone who isn’t being transparent about that.

There’s no other reason to ask for this because if they only wanted to show a sample, they could do that by just sharing your gig.

You can’t send an external website of yourself to a Fiverr buyer anyway (which you would need to do to make a downloadable version. It’s against the rules because you could easily use it to take the business off of Fiverr. There are some exceptional sites, but none I know for audio. I recommend you review the ToS again.

I would never, ever send any file to any Fiverr buyer unless they’ve made an order and the file is for the order.

This client isn’t worth it. It’s sketchy for the reasons I mentioned, plus he’s showing signs that he’s going to be an absolute nightmare to work with.

If you do not mind someone reselling your voice, you may share the downloadable file with them.

There is an option (clip icon) to attach/upload files in inbox.

Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t get the feeling this is sketchy or anything. It just seems like they (the buyer) wants to preset their client with a number of options for voice talent, and it would be easier just having an actual audio file instead of playing it direct from the Fiverr website.

When I used to work at design firms we often gathered VO samples for agency sites to present to our clients, and this doesn’t seem any different.

And to be clear, I’m not supplying them with anything new, it would just be an audio file of one my existing demos, which is what they already have heard.

I guess my main concern is I don’t want to violate and TOS with Fiverr. I do see I am allowed to put links in my Gig description, so hopefully sharing that is ok?!

I get this concern for sure, but to some extent this doesn’t seem like a horrible thing.

If some company has been tasked with finding voice talent for their client, and they are essentially using Fiverr as a talent agency to show their client various options, that seems legit.

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But they can do that by sending your gig as a sample. If you want to work with a seller here that is how it works. If they want to do it their way they should hire someone off Fiverr. They’re trying to use Fiverr to do things the traditional way and that isn’t appropriate.

You can’t send audio files that are hosted somewhere else for the reasons I mentioned. It definitely isn’t allowed.

The whole point of hiring another party is to increase the value of the work and charge more. Your buyer wants to make more money off of you without following the rules. If he doesn’t want more profit from operating this way than he’s complicating things for himself with no payoff, actually a loss when you look at the time he’d spend trying to make this work. Both aren’t good situations for sellers and that doesn’t become unsketchy or effective for you just because he’s following standard industry sales processes. They don’t apply on Fiverr.

You don’t get paid to do any of this liaison or project management of serving multiple parties anyway and you get nothing out of trying to accommodate him. Even if you get a sale, it’s just for the voiceover work, not for the project management, vetting and back and forth to get approval from both parties. I fail to see what you get out of all this extra work, unless you can’t make sales here. In that case, I’d differentiate yourself. The voice market here is extremely competitive.

If he wants to hire people the traditional way, then he shouldn’t use a marketplace to source talent.

Fiverr is better for direct sales unless a buyer opts not to vet sub-contractors.

Again, thanks for the reply and the insight.

I guess I was looking at this site differently, but I do see how it is more geared towards direct sales.
And you are right that I shouldn’t have to be putting in extra work for this person.
All points well taken!

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It’s sketchy. The buyer does not want to present samples to their client. They want as many samples as possible that they can upload to their own portfolio site. When they get orders, they will always go with the cheapest VO artist they can find, and likely not anyone who’s samples they are using.

This is a reseller. Whether they want writing samples, VO samples, video samples, or whatever, their strategy is ALWAYS the same. They simply want as many samples as possible to present as their own. i.e Samples that they can showcase in a portfolio for their web marketing company.

IF this person had the slightest bit of respect for you, they would have offered to pay you for a sample.