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Buyer wants a very BIG revision 2 weeks after order was completed

The title basically says it all. A buyer bought one of my gigs (an Artwork design) about 2 and a half weeks ago while only now (after the order was marked as complete and he gave a 5 star review) is asking for a pretty big revision. I don’t mean like a quick easy 5 minute fix, but an actual 1-2 day revision drawing. (He wants the me to basically create a whole new design for free).

What should I do? What should I say? I’m really stuck here.

Thanks in advance for any help on this subject! :slight_smile:


Is the buyer asking this for free?


Yes. I don’t understand if this normal or not? I’m quite new to selling.

Then don’t. Try to explain that the revision is not simple and that it requires 1-2 days and that you can do this but charging them …$

The following topic could be useful for you


Oh ok I understand, thanks for the advice and help!

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His now threatening me and saying he will give a 1 star review if I don’t do it.

What a toxic buyer.

Has he already marked the order as complete?


He cannot give you a 1 star - you said he already rated your work 5 star.

He is trying his best to blackmail you (as they probably know you are new) into becoming fearful and just giving in. NOPE! As the article linked above talks about - you need to set boundaries with this type of “buyer”. You may also want to report their threats to Fiverr.

What I would do, is I would BLOCK this buyer from purchasing anything from you again. (Go to their profile and there will be a link to block them) They sound like trouble. I have to wonder if they are a reseller and their client wanted changes and now they are in a pickle.

Do NOT make any changes. I would block.



Thank you! And yes mjaninea the order was marked as complete.

You can simply block the toxic buyers like this. You had already done your job and he marked it as completed, you had done your part of agreement. You’re not responsible for any unpaid revisions some buyers try to trick sellers. STAY SAFE

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