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Buyer wants additional work after completing delivery


Hello everyone, thanks for giving your time here reading this.
I’ve completed an order of WordPress website few days back and I’ve delivered the order on time. Buyer was very happy and he left a 5 star rating.
After 23 days he came back and knock me and said that I’ve not completed his project so he wants me to complete that.
From my point of view i think he tried to redesign the website of his own but maybe he failed to do that. I told him to put an order in fiverr but he denied.
What can i do now?


Ignore him. Whatever he did, he’s asking you to provided a second order free of charge. You don’t owe him that at all.


It is up to you, you can either tell them that you have completed your job and any thing you do now is chargeable. Or, you can help them and gain their loyalty if you think that they might come back to you later for another job.

Good luck.

EDIT: I have done revisions after many months have passed with one buyer last year the first time they ordered, now I have a total of 9 orders from the same buyer.


This is probably better advice than what I said… haha! I can be a bit pessimistic with buyers taking the piss. Generosity can go a long way, though.

How big is the project in question? Is it a huge inconvenience for you to do what they’re asking?


thank you for the valuable suggestion