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Buyer wants cancel order, What can I do?

I have done an Autocad drawing for buyer, And got *5. Next day he place another order, In requirement there is a pdf file and a drawing file which is not opening. So I ask to send it again. He send a massage but I don’t understand , So I request again for send file. May be he angry and send dispute order. I decline and request him, then he give me correction for first order. I have done and send both correction and drawing as pdf of 2nd order. But again he place for dispute. Now fiverr give me option for cancel or after 2 days it will be cancel automatically. I don’t understand which will be better for me. If I again decline , it will be good for me or bed. Both order was direct order Buyer did not give any massage before order. Please help me


The “bed” for sure wouldn’t be involved in it.

Jokes aside it looks like there is a communications problem on your end and you not being able to understand what your client want.
So if you can’t understand your client it means that you can not deliver what he is asking for. If you can’t do what he is asking for it means that you can not complete his order. So my advice will be if you really have a difficulty to understand his request to cancel the order because it looks like you wouldn’t be able to complete his request.

However you might try to paste his request here and maybe we will be able to help you explain his English (of course without the name of your buyer)


I did not understand his massage, He want for first dispute .But for my request he give me massage again and give me clear idea, So i did the correction perfectly. His massage for dispute like this
“That is great but it is not exactly what I send you and I do not have time to go around in circles. Cancel the rest of the Orders.”
Second massage for dispute like this.
“I am sorry but I cannot spend any more on time on this with you specifically your drawings look nothing like what I sent you all you need to do is clean up my files and composed the drawing.”
Please help me. I have finish 60 orders . This first time to cancel order. Thanks
I also want to know which is better- If I cancel order or keep it for automatically cancel.

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It’s quite clear that you did something different from his request. So it’s probably mis communication on your end. Client seems to have good level of English so it’s not a mis communication on his end.


So I should cancel or keep it for automatically cancel.Thanks for help.

Accept his request to cancel. He made it clear you are not getting what he wants and so there is no need wasting his or your own time. Accept his request and move on. Other jobs will come.

I just want to know which one is better ? Keeping the order for it’s automatically cancellation or cancel it by my own ? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

dont accpect byer cancel request.then you give him cancel request.its called mutual cancel.its good not effect your profile

As far as I know cancelling by mutual agreement will be better. I think automatically allowing it to cancel will leave the cancelled order seller failed to deliver feedback. But am not sure

Thanks , i am agree with you.

I think your advice is best. This is my first cancellation so I am in confuse. I visited resolution center but there is no option for me to dispute order. only have- “A dispute for this order is already open.Please resolve it before opening a new one.” .

@farhan_j As the buyer is constantly going for direct orders without any prior explanation of exact requirements so he will probably do the same thing in the future as well. So you should cancel the order. Yes, it will add to your cancellations but you will not be disturbed by his actions in the future.

How can I add cancellations, I have visited resolution center and found
“A dispute for this order is already open.
Please resolve it before opening a new one.” Please check it.

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Just cancel the order and once it is mutually cancelled by both of you then the order and its dispute will automatically close.

Buyer already open a dispute . So when I visit resolution center I found only that massage.How can I cancel order.I have finish 63 order. If 1 order cancel What will be order completion rate.

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If you have already completed 63 orders without even a single cancellation then only 1 cancellation will not badly effect your completion rate at all.

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You need to work on the files provided by the buyer rather than creating your own. Match them exactly as the buyer has sent. The buyer asked to clean up the files. I hope you understand the meaning of “cleaning up of the files”? The buyer wants a refined version of the work/files that they have sent.

Anyways, its not worth working now as the buyer seems to be fed up with you. You can either accept the request or can decline the buyer’s request and then you can send your cancellation request by visiting the resolution center.

Please note: All cancellations have a negative affect. (Loss of revenue, your gig placement in search result will change, order completion rate will decline)

Good Luck!!

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There is no difference at all. It will still affect your completion ratio equally.
I will highlight again: there is no difference. They both will be the same negative.