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Buyer wants cancellation after "accidentally" purchasing TWO gigs

Can some explain to me how a buyer can purchase TWO of the EXACT SAME GIG (not like a gig times 2, like they had to go through the buying process twice), BOTH with extras added on and then sends me a note that says “Sorry, I want to cancel”.

One gig, okay mistakes happen. Twice? Something is strange here. Am I the only one who thinks that?

Maybe they are trying to “fund” their paypal account, however if they are purchasing separately that wouldn’t make sense because they get a fee each time. But some buyers will purchase higher prices gigs then cancel and then go buy up a lot of other gigs.

You may want to report them to Customer Support

Maybe he is just having a bad day :slight_smile: If he cancelled mutually what’s the problem?

That would make a little more sense actually – They purchased $75 gig and a $25 gig total of $100…