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Buyer Wants E-mail Address

So a buyer I’m working with wants me to give them my e-mail address so that they can make me an editor on their blog…it’s the buyer’s 8th order with me and he did say other sellers have given him their e-mail addresses. So, what do I do?


Please don’t give your email address out - you could lose your account.

Possibly remind the buyer they shouldn’t be asking - they could lose their account as well.

If they persist, please report to CS.

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If it’s work related you are permitted to send them your email, however: You must contact support to verify this.


if it is needed as part of the service like client have files data in google drive etc and he want shear with you all content data you can send them your email if have any problem or client want outside work then You must contact fiverr support.


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Don’t do that. I had a spammer sent me a message that contains her e-mail address and the system seemed to automatically remove her account. If you’re not sure what to do, you can ask Customer Support.

Well tater tots, gonna play it safe after all.

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