Buyer wants examples of his exact order before ordering


Hey, I’m new-ish here and wondering if this experience is typical or if I’m right to feel sketched out.

I do writing and design and I’ve completed a handful of gigs to date] A buyer wrote to me today without ordering a gig, but described what he wanted (a poster for his business) and asked if I could make an example. I described a couple of ideas I had, but he insisted on seeing an example of the final product before he would place his order.

Seems to me that I’ll end up doing a lot of work for nothing here, but it’s possible this is normal and just something I haven’t encountered yet.



It happens from time to time, some buyers do it to get work for free. There’s a small chance that he would buy from you after you send him the example, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

When that happens to me, I politely explain that I don’t offer free samples, and suggest that they purchase the basic gig as a paid sample, and proceed with a bigger order if they like what I deliver.


Reply to @catwriter: Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that.