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Buyer wants free revision, not included with gig

So this has happened a couple of times to me over the last few months. Buyer orders the cheapest possible gig, then I do the work. Buyer claims work is not what they wanted and wants me to revise it. I say that’s fine, but a revision is not included in the ultra basic package, so it’s going to be $5 which is when they lose their sh*t and start being rude and talking about feedback - you get the picture.

What do you guys do in this situation? Both times I ended up doing the gig twice for no extra charge, and luckily dodged negative feedback. Should you just report to CS and cancel and refund the gig once someone starts ranting at you about not wanting to pay for a revision?

Increase it’s price and add a revision.


That seems like an obvious thing to do, but for some of my gigs, the unique selling point is that I can offer so much for $5, if I jump to $10 I no longer have that.

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Oh, you don’t want that. Trust me, $5 gigs tend to be problematic, these gigs attract cheap buyers who demand a lot.


When I did this most of my problem buyers went away! :wink:


I noticed an immediate reduction in the amount of problem buyers when I raised my prices from a $5 gig to $10 minimum. My prices are actually still exactly the same… but you have to order a minimum of $10 regardless of the size of the project. Game changer!


When a buyer requests a revision not included in the gig order, I quickly remind them that they have exhausted the revisions bought, and if they want another they should check for gig extras and pay for it. This usually works especially if they don’t want to spend additional money on a $5 gig order, so they forget about it and allow the order to complete. But if it gets to the point where you know they would open a dispute, then be the one to contact CS first and cancel the order so it doesn’t count against you.


I’m considering this too.

It’s made a big difference for me. I haven’t had a truly poor experience with a buyer in a LONG time since switching my base price.

I think my gigs probably do get a bit less traffic, but the increase in the base price has made up for it profit wise and the easier-to-work-with buyers have made it worth it for sure.

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