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Buyer Wants Free Work and CS not helping!

Hi All,

Yesterday a different thing happened to me a buyer ordered my GIG for wordpress work. He asked me to make some changes on PHP settings. So I did as he said, some servers take time to update PHP settings. So at that time when I told him that I completed my work he checked the changes but as I said PHP settings take time to change on few servers, so he was not satisfied. But after a hour he said that everything is working fine and ask me to cancel the order and he also said that he fixed the issue.

I don’t know how he did that because I made that changes and that changes took action after a while. But he is asking me to cancel the order. So I contacted the fiverr and they said this:

Mean CS team is not ready to help me. I did my work and that buyer want that for free. How can I get out of this situation. I am afraid that If I will deliver the order he will put negative ratings. Is there no way to solve this, can any experienced seller help me?


You shouldn’t deliver work before you can prove it’s completed. You should have waited until servers were updated and then delivered. Learn from it and move on.

You can try CS once more, but we can’t complete the order for you.


I haven’t delivered that. I made the settings and told him that I am working on his issue. After making setting I logged out for round about one hour. So he opened dispute for not responding and also said that settings are working and he did this all.

Fiverr has already provided you with the steps to a solution. There is nothing else that we can tell you. Do as Fiverr has suggested – that is how this situation will be resolved.

So in this way this fraud will continue. Tomorrow if this will happened to you then?

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You should avoid providing final files before his approval. just show him proofs first and get his confirmation first.
Fiverr CS can’t help you out! they want you to work with buyer and come into a solution, if buyer won’t accept your work unfortunately you have to refund him completely but in next time don’t ever give final products until your BUYER 100% happy with your work.

There is nothing fraud-related about this. You did the work that you were hired to do, and the buyer wants that work for free. The solution is simple, don’t let him have the work for free.


This all happened in order. Now he is not accepting order to complete it as he want work for free. So CS cannot save his sellers from this fraud. OK this is only $5 but now I am afraid for tomorrow if this happened again then, I will work and then he will say cancel it I am not satisfied.

I am afraid of negative ratings. If I will force him to accept the order then he will give me negative ratings.

You have two choices…

1.) Agree to cancel, and let him have the work for free.

2.) Learn to accept negative ratings, and move on. You did nothing wrong here. Don’t let the buyer win.


Negative Ratings is also bad thing as we know. For $5 I don’t want negative rating which will stop my business. Can you suggest me any help here?

Please go look up the word “fraud” in the dictionary. What you are experiencing is not fraud.

Is this not fraud. That buyer is threatening me that cancel the order otherwise he will put negative ratings.

No it is not fraud. It’s extortion. Don’t let him win. You completed the work he hired you to do. You should get paid for that work. If he leaves a negative review, you are able to post a response to his review. Use your response to explain the situation for future buyers.


What is the solution if buyer order you GIG and complete his task of fixing issues on his website then he change the password of login there. And then he says to cancel the order otherwise I will put negative ratings there. So what is solutions for that?

I understand you, because I faced on samething. there is nothing we could do, just do your best with client

So FIVERR is not safe place today I learned this. Buyers are tourting you by the name of negative ratings and CS is silent.

If the buyer has threatened to give you a negative review, you can send screenshots to CS (Trust and Safety). Threats are a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

But I don’t think so they will help me. They will take side of buyer.

Fiverr already told you the solution. There is no other “solution” that goes around what Fiverr told you. You know what to do. Please stop trying to find a different solution, just because you don’t like the answer Fiverr gave you. Fiverr tried to help you… and you are ignoring Fiverr.