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Buyer wants free work, should I cancel?

Hello guys! So, a guy placed a 60$ order with me a few days ago. He had a pretty weird request, he told me that he wants me to draw him with THIZZ face (you can google that). He send me an awful photo where he tried to emulate the face. I told him that my anime portraits exaggerate the features and that there are style limitations but he wanted to proceed. Wasted 6 hours on the work and after my initial delivery he requested 14 revisions. 14 goddamn revisions, so I kindly explained to him that this is not in the scope of the original order and that I can send him an offer for the revisions. I addressed everything, and I told him that I can do 6 specific revisions for free (I usually do only 2 revisions for free for the package that he ordered) but I won’t be able to do all of the 14 revisions as for some of them I have to go back and rework, which is additional hours of work for me and some of his requests were really ridiculous so I advised against them as my service is really specific. Right after that he opened a cancellation request with this message "Asked for revisions you dont want to do because your opinion is that the picture looks better as is yet Im the one whose paying for it."

Then again, I kindly explained that I am willing to do the revisions, but upgrade will be needed as they are not in the scope of the original order. I declined his cancellation request.

The following days I tried to contact him, I just wanted to fix everything as the satisfaction of my buyers is always a priority. I sent him a couple of messages saying that we should work on this together and that I’m on his side. He was offline for three days and he never responded, meanwhile I had some free time so I did most of the revisions that he requested. I then sent him the file where I pretty much fixed everything that he requested. Probably 12 out of 14 free revisions. Next thing I know, another dispute was opened under the “The quality of the work I received was poor” tab. He never bothered to address anything, he didn’t even bother to message me back. He was literally offline for 3 days, I did what he requested and then he just opened another dispute. And the work was of great quality, I take pride in my work and it’s pretty unique, so this whole experience was pretty insulting and awful.

Now, I usually always accept cancellations as you have two options with these “buyers”. If you don’t accept their cancellation they will leave you a nasty 1-star review, but damn, I was literally going way out of my way on this order to please this buyer and he’s just opening disputes one after another without responding to me. He already has the files so to me it just seems like he wants free work. The last “Buyer” review on his profile is from 2 years ago as well and he told me that he worked on this artwork with other artists as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found out a way to manipulate the system.

Place an order or something, request 20 revisions, if the seller values his time and doesn’t want to do them for free just initiate a cancellation. Ignore the seller and no matter what he does just insist on receiving the refund. Results: Free work, 99% of the time.

This is absolutely awful, I know that he’ll leave a 1-star review and ruin my gig but at the same time I don’t want to be exploited and I feel like that’s what’s going on as I went out of my way to please him, yet he didn’t even respond back before requesting a dispute.

How would you handle this?

Also, another question - The order is “In revision” status. I intend to at least continue to cancel his disputes for a while, in the meantime can he accept the order and leave a 1-star review when the order is in “In revision” status?


Hi there,

I can tell you what I know for sure, so I can’t give you a straight answer on what you should do, but I hope you’ll have a wider view on the issue after my answer.

First of all, I did the same mistake you did, putting “unlimited revisions” in one of my gig, and one of my customers just hauted me with tens of revisions one afte the other without any apparent reason (was probably looking for the same thing your customer is, i.e. free work), so the best move you can do is to limit the revisions you allow your customers to a given number.
I’m not saying 1 revision, or 2 revision. I’m just saying a given number, not just “unlimited”, because if you have a precise number of revision, after the customer has reached the “limit”, you know you have done everything that was in your power to satisfy him/her, and also you’ve give him/her everything you promised on your gig, so he will have fewer reasons/motives to leave an awful review.

The second thing I know or sure is that if you’re indexed high in Fiverr results and you cancel an order (even if is for a just reason, I myself did it because a customer ordered by mistake) your indexing position will drop a lot because of your “completion rate” dropping (I went from top of page 1 to bottom of page 3 because my completion rate went from 100% to 99%).

So a completion rate drop affects awfully your indexing.

Still I don’t know how an average review rate drop affects your indexing so you should hear about this one too before mmaking up your mind about what to do.

Also I’m a newbie here so probably someone more experienced than me will give you a better solution but hey, I gave you my two cents because I’ve been in your shoes already a couple times.

I hope you’ll solve this soon and wish you the best of luck.


I have 2 revisions included in my package, I never stated that I provide unlimited revisions. That’s what I told the “buyer” as well and that’s what I described in my thread on here, however I still did most of the revisions that he requested out of good will and he still opened a dispute to cancel the order. Thank you for taking your time to answer tho.


“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

The above is one of my favourite parts of the TOS.

Quote that to your “buyer”. I really don’t know why Fiverr leave that option for buyer cancellations since it’s clearly against TOS …


I think @coerdelion advice is the best.


@coerdelion , as always, has given incredibly GOOD advice - I typically do what I can to avoid a 1-star rating, but it sounds like you put a lot of work into this. If you do cancel, make sure they know they can’t use the work.


As long as the order is “in revision”, the buyer can’t write a review, since they can’t accept the order. But they could still contact customer support to have the order cancelled. In fact, even after giving you that nasty 1-star rating, they might contact customer support to cancel the order and from what I have seen so far, in cases like these, CS almost always goes through with cancelling the order. So you have the following options now:

  1. Deliver work over and over again until the client accepts, possibly writes a bad review and then possibly goes ahead and has the order cancelled anyways through customer support
  2. accept the mutual cancellation, your cancellation rate drops, you lose hours of work but you won’t get a bad review.
  3. Hope and pray that the buyer will eventually be satisfied with your work and leaves a good review without cancelling the order (which I doubt is going to happen).

One way or another this will affect your stats I’m afraid.

Please keep in mind: If you receive a bad review and the buyer cancels the order after writing a review which for whatever reason is still allowed, the bad review will stay.

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This was his response:

This guy has a mustache this guy has a mustache this guy has a mustache this guy has a mustache. Draw the mustache like every other mustache you actually drew. My chin hair does not grow in it grows out fix that as well. Take ALL the shadows on my face out the picture, follow this and the other revisions I requested earlier I already told you all of this in plain english before and you couldnt understand. These are beyond simple edits you refuse to make so make the edits and everything will be cool. I’ve dealt with way too many people on here especially as of late tryna get over on me and not do what their gig says.

It’s super funny cuz I “told him in plain english” that I’ll be able to provide the revisions but it’s not in the scope of the original order so he’ll have to pay for them but it fell on deaf ears apparently.

And yeah, adding a mustache won’t be a problem but he requested literally 13 more revisions besides that. Plus, I told him upfront that my service is a portrait service so it is strictly based on the model/reference. I told him around 10 times before he ordered that portraits in anime style are exaggerated - a big mustache is to be drawn bigger, a small thin mustache is to be drawn smaller in thin separate lines etc. That’s the limitations that the style itself imposes. The pictures that he referenced where I drew mustache were pictures from my portfolio with guys that have massive beards unlike him. This dude has literally 10 hairs above his lip. Hope that mouth/nose pictures are allowed, if not you can flag my comment and I’ll delete the photo.

And look at this statement:

I’ve dealt with way too many people on here especially as of late tryna get over on me and not do what their gig says

That really irritated me as I literally did what my gig says and I did exactly what I told him I’d do before even starting the order. This dude is absolutely entitled and I won’t be surprised if he exploits other sellers as well. I forwarded this to CS unfortunately as I decided that a 1-star review is not worth it.

I seriously hate this guy.


Well looks like this guy want to see a fake mustache that he doesn’t have In real life :grin:


I’m so sorry this is happening to you. Sounds to me like an entitled prick who expected results his face couldn’t deliver. It’s sounds like he’s not satisfied with what he got and is demanding changes otherwise he refuses to pay.

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so…what happened ? Did you cancel ?


The guy wants free work. I had three of this kind of clients before. They will never accept your work, they will start to attack you and all of that because they want written proof of you getting on your nerves. Just contact CS immediately, attach screenshots of what you provide, what you delivered and how the client attacked you. Quote their ToS and sound relax. They usually help you to not lose your money if you behave while talking to them.

Do not offer free revisions. Trust me.

The problem though is CS never upholds this. I’ve run into problematic buyers like this many times and in every case they should not be eligible for a cancellation, because I’ve done everything that was asked and delivered what I know a totally sufficient quality of work. Despite this, rude and bad customers will treat you unfairly and just act like all around idiots who have no interest in working with you in good faith. For whatever reason, they’ve made up their mind and have decided they are angry and just want they’re money back (whether they are entitled to it or not).

In these instances when I reach out to CS, they basically just tell me to continue to try and work with the customer and state that they cannot complete orders (I know they can). So you’re still left being held hostage by the buyer who can give you a bad review even if you manage to convince them to pay for the work. What CS needs to do is point the buyers to this line in the TOS, mark the order as complete, and prevent the buyer from leaving a review on the CS ended order. But they will never do that unless a buyer is egregiously out of line because they don’t want to lose customers by siding with the seller.


In these situations you have to gauge A) whether you can reasonable get the client to give up and decide to complete the order without reviewing it (usually this only happens if they eventually go MIA and the order auto completes. B) If the money earned is worth the potential bad review and cancellation on your account. Neither situation is great for the seller and CS isn’t going to do much unless the buyer is just grossly out of line. But just being a rude, ignorant, and nit picky jerk isn’t breaking any rules.

I’ve learned that all you can do is minimize the chances that you end up working with such a client. Almost make clients reach out first before buying (some will still impulse purchase), and any client that has even the slightest red flags, you should proceed with caution and possibly reject the project. I personally have gotten pickier as time as gone on, and reject a decent amount of projects that come my way for various reasons that make me really weary of what it’s going to be like to work with this client. Sometimes it’s better to forgo a small amount of earnings to save yourself the time, stress, and potential bad review or cancellation. You have to factor in everything.

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Sometimes - always! - CS need to be reminded of that bit of the TOS. Also you need to state clearly that you don’t want to cancel.

And @kholland65 - is right. In the future, reject anything that even reminds you of a red flag …


@coerdelion Mind if I burrow this? It’s gonna come in real handy for a nasty reseller that I’m dealing with right now.

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By all means - it’s a direct quote from TOS. Use it in good health!

Yep, unfortunately. I decided that it’s not worth the bad review. It’s okay tho, it sucks because I did most of the revisions that he requested but it’s all good. I asked him to not use it (which he probably will ignore) and after the cancellation I wished him well, he didn’t even bother to reply. I blocked him a few days after. Got some awesome clients after him so it’s all good tho :robot:


I have similar case right now. I mainly work on big orders so it already happened that I needed to cancel an order that I worked on for 4 full days and delivered on time because the seller asked revision that would basically take another 5 days or more (entire new research basically). And now I have another horrible client who asked for revision without saying what exactly should be changed so I keep the order in revision mode for a week.

I basically have 3 types of clients:

  1. people who need market research because they want to open a business (Low budget but its fun and relax to work with, they don’t ask you to do more than what they pay for)
  2. Large corporations ( Big budgets, know what they want , precise and professional)
  3. The worst kind of clients - small business owners. I had some good clients from this groups but all of my difficult clients has been from this segment. They usually get the standard gig but expect and demand details and in deep analysis like premium and beyond. They expect you need to provide a huge value for their business but don’t want to pay much. Sometimes ends up with cancellation after delivery so they are probably using my hundreds of dollars worth research for free.

For this I needed to raise prices to keep small business owners away from my gigs (few bad apples and I have enough) and I accept one in 10 requests. My stats are stellar with exception of cancellation rate that is the only thing that stopped me from becoming Seller Level 1.

That’s ok, you must see it as a cost of doing business and if you have a chance to put the cost of this free work to other clients by raising prices do it. I feel bad that my other clients need to pay more now because of some bad and unprofessional people but I became better in recognition of red flags.


“Can you sing an NDA?”

So you do market research and then sing it back to the client? I am impressed.

Sorry, just messing with you seeing I found a spell. that should be “sign”. Spellchecker would have missed that.