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Buyer Wants I Deliver A 'Trial' Work

I’m new in fiverr and just opend 2 gigs recently. Tonight a buyer asked me if I can deliver him a trial work. I ased him if its paid and he replied ‘yes, if it’s satisfactory’. I askeed him if I should send him a proposal and he disappeared without a reply. I tried to visit his profile but there is nothing showing except his profile name, country and joining date!

If you don’t see any gigs, it means he’s not selling, at least not at the moment.

Please, never do work for nothing, especially if you’re being told you’ll be paid ‘if it’s satisfactory’. You may send them the work, and you’ll get nothing.

Always wait until you’ve got a proper order, nit just a message.

Good luck! :sunny:


thanks for your prompt reply!

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You’re very welcome! :smiley:

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