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Buyer wants me to do more work for free in the name of bug

I have one buyer who placed the order on the march. Before placing the order I explained to him everything that I’ll only give support if the code which I’ll deliver makes the issue. On Mar 24 I delivered the order and he verified the files and marked the project as complete and left a nice review. But till now he just asking me to help him on all reskin work (I’m doing reskin as different work) but he just messed up with the code and telling that it was a bug in the code which I gave. I’m 100% sure that the code I’ve delivered doesn’t have any bugs.

He really started frustrating me. So now I wanna block him. I just wanna know whether it is bad for previously completed order with that buyer. I mean will that order would be canceled if I block him?


No - blocking him will not affect your previous orders


If you have provided the buyer “unlimited revisions” and if they buyer is telling you that your code has bugs then you have to do free work .Because you have already agreed on unlimited revisions …

No I don’t provide Unlimited revisions (Only 1), Also the order was actually completed 14 days ago (Marked as complete by the buyer after verifying the files). So it can’t be calculated as revision (rather I would say it was help or support).

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Then you can block the buyer .That will not affect your profile :grinning:

I offer unlimited revisions but only until the order is complete. Does fiverr expect sellers to continue revising after the order is marked as complete?

Yes - they have been known to hold sellers to that promise months after the order was completed.


Wow! I did not know this :frowning:

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