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Buyer wants me to do something that is unrelated to my!

I added a new gig yesterday to write product descriptions for people who are selling online. Ex: you’re selling handmade bracelets on Etsy and you need a great description for each bracelet. For some reason, this buyer ordered my gig last night asking me to register for his site via Facebook and post questions to it about schools in Australia.

I have a problem fulfilling this for multiple reasons:

  1. it has nothing to do with the gig I’m offering
  2. I don’t link my Facebook to websites for personal use, much less use on Fiverr
  3. I know nothing about Australia in order to form substantive questions.

    My Gig is coming due in 9 hours because it’s only a 24 hour Gig, so I’m looking for advice on what to do…I am thinking that a mutual cancellation won’t work because he sounds so matter of fact when ordering saying “I know this isn’t what you do but it should be easy…” and I responded yesterday saying I’d prefer not to do it and he hasn’t responded back. How do I ensure that I don’t get penalized for not completing an order that has nothing to do with my Gig?

    Thanks in advance!

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Contact Customer Service (, they can cancel this order if you need this.

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I’ll contact customer support but I hate having mutual cancellations because even though they don’t harm my rating, they do increase my cancellation rate which isn’t good :confused: I just feel like I shouldn’t be punished for a buyer who blatantly ignored the Gig description.

Reply to @limelightdesign: sorry to tell, but this happens tons of times as you can read in this forum!! I’ve extensively talked about this with other sellers and… nothing, we all are in the same boat. Most of buyers don’t even waste their time reading gig description and ask you everything they have in their mind without worrying if you told “no this, no that” in your gig!!!

Consider I was really so tired of having support cancel gigs for this reason, that I changed my gig title too (

I know, too many cancellations could let us loose our level and most selleres complain for this, but Fiverr buyers protection policy is too high and they don’t want to help us sellers with this.

Me and other proposed a “Decline order button” ( that doesn’t affect ratings, but didn’t help.

So, for now, don’t worry about a cancelled order: try to do your best with the others and everything will be fine!!! :smiley:

Here’s what works for me. Offer a mutual…put in the last line that if they refuse to accept you will have support handle the matter. Works like a charm.

I added a few words at the opening for my gig which says “Please send an email BEFORE you order”. This has helped me greatly. I prefer to discuss the project the buyer has before they place an order. That way there is a mutual agreement on how many gigs or extras are needed to complete the order. I don’t get ‘blind’ orders anymore.

I state this multiple times within the gig description but still get blind orders. I wish there was a way to mark a buyer with an “OK to place order” flag. This way only the flagged buyer who has touched base and spoken with the seller can place an order.