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Buyer wants me to falsify information

I’ve been hired to write up a professional bio for the buyer, who provided me with some details about her work, experience, etc. I asked her a few additional questions to help fill in some of the gaps, and instead of providing those details, she said I can copy details from someone else and that it’s fine if it’s not true, asking me to make up anything that sounds good. Obviously, I’m not going to do that, but what are my options here? Would Fiverr side with me here if I wanted to cancel the order? Or do I just need to deliver something with whatever details were provided?

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You can tell the whole thing to Fiber. If everything is legal then fiber will be with you. If you want, you can cancel the work called fiber.

That’s up to you - if you decide to go through with it, I’d put in a caveat on delivery that you are “Providing this work as a work with fictitious/creative aspects at the buyer’s request, and assert that by using it publicly or presenting it as fact, the buyer acknowledges the creator is free from any and all liability stemming from its use.” - something of that nature to CYA.