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Buyer wants me to give him a classes in specific soft

So he wants to put an order on Fiverr, but take classes thorugh ■■■■■, etc. I want to know is it legal or no on Fiverr. As I know it is forbidden to share ■■■■■ id or other social networks in much of cases. Thanks

You don’t offer to tutor classes and there are many places where this buyer could buy a course to complete. Udemy, etc.

The chances are that any order with this person will turn into a hellish, never-ending experience, that you immediately regret.

When people ask you for services you don’t provide, it usually means that they want to keep on asking for one more little thing, then another, then another, before finding an excuse to cancel the entire project. In your case, this would be as simple as the buyer telling Fiver:

  • You were not qualified to deliver what they need.
  • You asked for their contact information or communicated with them outside Fiverr.
  • The service you offered wasn’t as described in your gigs.

Personally, I would just let this buyer go, by telling them that you do not offer tutoring. They probably don’t even have an interest in learning anything. They probably just want to get access to your PC via a remote desktop session or find some inventive way to scam you or steal your identity.

Sorry if all that sounds pessimistic, but you really have to ask yourself, what kind of person looks for a random guy on Fiverr to teach them something, when they won’t receive any accreditation and don’t know you from Adam?


I agree with you. But this buyer purchased services from me 3 times, and now 1 pending. That is why can’t decide what to do

Do they want you to teach them to use the software you use to provide the service? If so, then it sort of makes sense but as mentioned above, it can be a nightmare to deal with. People who sell tutoring and similar services are familiar with how to make it work for them. When I started doing consultations, they were taking far longer than I had anticipated and it took a lot of tweaking to get to a point where they were really worthwhile.
I’d suggest being wary of getting into something you are not familiar with and don’t have a process for.