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Buyer wants me to listen to an hour-long interview and pull quotes from it for article

I offer blog writing. I just received an order to write an article and the buyer attached an hour-long interview that they want me to listen to and pull quotes from to include in the article. Obviously, this would take up more of my time than usual. Would you cancel this order if you were in my shoes?


I am a writer myself. I don’t take this type of job because it’s time-consuming and it’s never worth it.

So yes, I would cancel if it was me. But you know your stats here and how much a cancellation can affect them!


Agreed. Thank you for your input. I’m at 99% cancellation so I can take the hit.


I do this type of job only for one client, we agreed upon and she returns several times each month. However, when this is the case, I charge per hour instead of the traditional word-counting. I create a custom offer with the details. A one-hour video takes almost double just to pull out quotes and relevant topics.

You can explain the situation to your client and send an extra charge for the hour of listening. Or cancel the order. Good luck.


Can you elaborate the per hour charge?

I had a client who kept on asking about my hourly rate, and I thought he was confusing fiverr with alternate platforms.

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I would just charge more for the requirement.

Listening to audio is just not one-time. To transcribe, you need to listen and then re-listen to the audio (depending upon the quality).

A 5 minutes quote would take up 10-15 minutes.

Also, if you do not want to go through that, you can always cancel!

She is an old client and when she asked to write the article I explained to her that I would charge differently since it would take more than regular time. She agreed and thought it was fair. So every time she needs that kind of article written, she messages me and I send a custom offer with $ per hour. I say:

$ for 2 hours (example) of video watching + pull out quotes and important topics.
$ for the article (x words).

It is a lot of work so I think the hour has to be charged. I hope it clarifies :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand now!

The rate is based upon the video’s duration.

That makes so much more sense.

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I am a blog/article writer.

Listening to the interview to pull out quotes doesn’t sound too farfetched if the content from the interview is essential to the article.

It’s called research.

Sometimes it comes in a format that requires additional time and effort.

So, I would do the job.

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It does depend on the price, however.

Many buyers that want this type of work are usually cheapskates.


I agree it is a lot of work and time consuming. As I said, I only do because it is a client that I have a long relationship with and I write articles for her corporate magazine. Sometimes she has corporate meetings with the board and wants articles about topics discussed. It is one and only :sweat_smile:


I don’t offer writing services, but for my VA gig, I charge per hour of work. Usually, a buyer comes to me with a project and tells me how long it’ll take (or I estimate how long it’ll take), and I charge according to that ($10 per hour).

I agree with @ligiacarvalho. I would let the buyer know that you would have to charge extra for the listening, and send him a custom gig extra. If he’s doesn’t want to pay more at all, then I would just cancel (it won’t affect your stats too bad either).