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Buyer wants me to make logo, on an intro gig


Hello there! I have recently achieved level one seller on Fiverr (I sell intros) so I figured out I might make some more gigs, and about 10 hours ago, I made this very professional intro gig and in 3 hours or so I had an order, but the buyer said me that he is looking for a logo, for his site and sended me the tagline that I wanted for the intro. I am not sure what to do, since the buyer wants me to make a logo. And I offer a logo intro gig. The order ends in 15 hours, and I dont know what to deliver, of course I contacted the buyer about, if I shall put in his website name and the tagline but no answer so far. I would cancel if needed of course, but it would very, very negatively rank my gig (that is what I heard). That’s why I want to ask for advice, what shall I do?

And BTW, the video for the gig did not process yet.

This is the link for my gig: - See more at:

(Sorry for any mistakes, my first forum post, I already posted in my gigs but the whole section is about self promotion)


If anyone didnt got me to make it short, buyer submitted order information asking me to make a logo, but I dont offer logo creation with my intro. :slight_smile: