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Buyer Wants Me To Purchase Product Before Gig Starts

Relatively new to Fiverr and just received a request for my lowest tiered gig ($10). I am a Product Photographer. I told the buyer to send me the product with a paid return label so that I can send it back or the other option would be if he wanted me to keep the product.

The buyer wants me to purchase the product first, fulfill the gig and then reimburse me I think? He is from Germany and writes in broken english so it was a little hard to understand. Here is the last text he sent:

“I will send you our product link, pls order it from my Amazon store firstly.It will be more convenient and lower cost for us.And kindly let you know that the product will be free for you to make the picture for me. The people who made video for me was order it from my amz store firstly before ,and gave me the order ID to back for them a full refund by Paypal.”

I told him that I can not do that and if he wanted me to continue, he would need to ship the product to me.

Is this something that is a regular thing that buyers request?
Is this against Fiverr policy to do that?

He ultimately declined. The last message was:

“it doesn’t matter,thank you anyway”

I could not find any info about this in the Terms of Service or anywhere in the forum. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


You did the right thing as you are a product photographer and not a product link photographer. :wink:

Red Flag: So he has no access to his own products or he is trying to scam you?

You are lucky that the buyer sent you his request prior to placing an order. If you spend some time here, you will find cases here in which the buyer ordered/demanded things which the sellers are not even selling on their gigs by placing random orders.

You should also thank him that he turned away and saved you from a ton of troubles.

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Always remember, never buy anything for a prospective buyer unless they are a trusted customer who has made frequent orders with you!

Scammers can cancel orders whenever they want, even after the order has been completed.

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If the product is fulfilled by Amazon it might have just been easier for the buyer, since Amazon would handle the delivery.

Payments outside of Fiverr lead to warnings, so that’s probably against the TOS. Though it’s a refund rather than a normal payment. You could check with CS to be sure but it’s likely a warning would have been given if it went ahead. It could be a scam to buy the product and then not refund. Sellers who have refunded their buyer outside of Fiverr have received warnings for that.

I think others, where they had to buy products have added the cost of the product to the order price (I don’t know if it’s through an extra or just a custom offer). I don’t know how okay that is with the rules. Though if they cancelled the order you could then have bought something you didn’t want/made a loss.

I think it’s safest re: Fiverr rules for them to send you the products, which could be to a po box address.


I am a new seller on here and i just got the same guy from germany sending me a link asking to buy! Definitely a scam…

but how else would i receive the product??

The most important thing to take away from this is that you did the right thing for you.

The buyer’s approach did sound a bit scummy to me, although it might have been genuine. However, you cannot buy the peace of mind that you now have through not doing something that made you feel uncomfortable.

And this is a lesson that so many new sellers on the forum should learn. Basically, listen to that little voice inside you that says “there’s something not right about this” - and walk away.

No thank you!

The buyer could have simply purchased the item themselves on amazon and have it shipped directly to you.

Even then I wouldn’t be comfortable giving out my address. They are better off finding someone local to do the job.

99.7% chance this is a scam.