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Buyer wants me to sign a contract

So here’s the deal. Buyer asked for a quote on a job, and said they need to sign a contract with me. I said I appreciate it, but I’m not going to do anything that will violate my agreement with Fiverr, EVERYTHING has to go through them, and I can’t provide any contact info. He comes back and says name and email address only? I said “not even email…” Then he said I could sign it with just my name and Fiverr user name. I haven’t responded yet. Has anyone else had this happen? Is giving out just our name a violation of ToS? I thought it was, but am having a hard time finding that specific info on the Fiverr site.

Ignore anyone who asks you to violate the TOS of fiverr as this person is doing. Yes it is a violation to give your name. Also you do not need to sign any contracts. By the nature of having to give a name contracts are not something you can sign. If it’s that important to him he can look elsewhere.

That’s what I’ve been feeling too. I’ve shut him down 3 times, told him I’m sorry, but this isn’t going to work - and he keeps pursuing it. I’m ultra cautious, so I wanted to make sure I was approaching it correctly. I’m glad to hear my thoughts are on target. Thanks!

You could write to customer support. Maybe they’ll send him a nice official warning and he’ll realize that his contract isn’t going to work out here.

You should contact to customer support.

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You posted your o in the wrong box, didn’t you?


posted your o in the wrong box, didn’t you?

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