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Buyer wants me to wait until next week to begin work

Buyer wants me to wait until next week to begin work but the order is due in 1 more day (I have been waiting for this buyer to provide some missing information for almost 2 weeks).

He responded to say he will have time to provide the information next week, but has yet to click accept on my extension request sent 3 days ago despite being online and seeing my daily reminders.

Is it better to get the order cancelled through CS or to let it be marked late? Which will affect my stats/algorithm less?


If you contact CS, then ask them if they can cancel without lowering your stats. He hasn’t sent you the information you need and isn’t responding so it’s not your fault. I think if you just leave the timer to run down then you get a 1* review automatically. Don’t take my word for it though.

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Contact CS to cancel the order. Let them know that you have requested the extension and the buyer is not holding up their end of the deal by providing you the work upon ordering. Be sure you clarify that the order is going to be late within the day as this may help them to resolve the issue immediately.

Once they do this, I suggest blocking the buyer to ensure they cannot order again from you. This is bad behavior on the buyer’s part.


think if you just leave the timer to run down then you get a 1* review automatically. Don’t take my word for it though.

Can someone confirm this please?


Read what @mariashtelle1 has written. She’s very knowledgeable.


As far as I know it has been earlier, the 1* review that is automatic response to the late delivery. I think they changed it some time ago, so there isn’t anymore 1* review, but instead order can be canceled by buyer without seller’s approval.


From what I’ve seen, auto-cancel-one-star-reviews always look like this:



I think that it’s better for you to deliver something and let them hit the revision button in this case, until they share their brief with you.

It’s against the terms of service to deliver an incomplete order and could result in a warning for the seller.

Although the buyer is being unprofessional in putting the seller in this situation, it would be risky to deliver ‘something’. The buyer would be within their rights to report the seller - and regardless of how the buyer has behaved - Fiverr will always judge cases based on the TOS.


I’m not saying to deliver an incomplete order - but to deliver as per the terms/initial discussion with the buyer and then work up from there. It’s better to get a revision than a cancelled order.

But that’s exactly what the seller would be doing if they followed your advice - as he / she hasn’t got all the information required to complete the order. This fact is at the heart of the op’s original post.

The buyer has already demonstrated unreasonable / unprofessional behaviour. My concern is that the buyer could report the seller for delivering incomplete work, walk away with the work so far for free, and get all their money back - while the seller loses all the time spent on the order, receives an account warning (three of those and you’re likely off the platform for good), and lose the order value.

Yes, the seller might get away with delivering an incomplete order and the buyer might be understanding. But then again, maybe not. As sellers we need to stick by the rules.

That’s a good point. I was under the impression that maybe there was some sort of understanding with the buyer and seller has got some sort of an idea about the project. My bad.

IF there were enough to make a Delivery i would advise this course but if it is clear that the initial info did not arrive, a Deliver would be a false one and Mr Voice is right that this would go against the seller in a ruling.

Talk to CS, get their support to either extend that deliver date or simply put this loser back in the gutter where they belong as they are at best clueless.


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Ditch the buyer and contact CS to have them cancel the order on grounds that the buyer never provided all necessary order instructions. I’d forget about requesting order extensions, as the buyer has been leaving you hanging for weeks.

Waiting further can ding you with a per-buyer-requested automatic 1 star review and cancellation. Having the order turn “Very Late” will very likely harm your profile analytics as well.

Don’t deliver partial/incomplete work as that violates TOS and will boomerang on you if the buyer contests the order/contacts CS.

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Thank you everyone for the responses. Highly appreciate it!

Update: I have explained the situation to CS and gotten the order cancelled.

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