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Buyer wants me to write about anything

Today I had a weird experience with a customer.

So this buyer came out of nowhere and placed an order. In the requirements and subsequent messages, all he could say was “I know you’re professional” and “as many words as possible” and “pick please”. I asked what he wants me to write about. He suggested a love poem. Then he suggested a business plan. Then he suggested a marketing plan. They he suggested an article about communication.

Basically he wants me to write about any topic whatsoever. He apparently doesn’t care.

This seems super weird. Why would anyone hire a writer but allow them to do any topic? This buyer is super cryptic and confusing.

Please help. I feel like this could be some kind of scam or revenge attack to badly review my gig.


Ask the buyer what their goal is with the writing they want from you. This is very strange.

I agree, but there are some people that just want to send a sample so they can register as a writer for other websites. So I can see why they ask for anything. They are hiring you on the cheap so they can make the big bucks :slight_smile:

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So you think this writer is getting me to write them a portfolio piece?

He might be a YouTuber, lol. There’s a whole YouTube trend of hiring a handful of Fiverr sellers to do things, and they then make and post a YouTube video about the results.

There’s a lot of these.

So, it could be that…

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I’d like to believe that but this buyer is just weird. Definitely doesn’t act like how you’d expect a YouTuber buying a gig to be like. He communicates very weirdly and has no other buyer reviews.

Interesting. Sounds pretty scammy to me but… maybe just write some stuff without much effort, and post it and mark it complete. I mean, it may not make sense but… it’s an order. Right?

I’m contemplating requesting mutual cancellation. Given that the buyer’s account was made just to make this order, it seems likely that it could be a competitor or hater planning to leave a bad review of my gig. And that’s a risk I don’t want to take, especially when this gig only has 4 other reviews.

Can you just write about something you are interested in? Have fun with it, and make some money at the same time?

This seems like the sensible thing to do.

But it doesn’t feel right that the buyer is doing this. Definitely something sketchy going on. He may be planning to use my work under his name, resell it, or leave me a bad review for malicious purposes. I can’t see any valid reason why someone would create an account out of nowhere and hire a writer without giving them any instructions on what to do. Seems like there’s probably a hidden agenda here.

Suggest the buyer another seller to understand is he actually a scammer or really want anything in writing.