Buyer wants me to write some Shits for some other Brand / Company!


I received order from some client without any talk, he directly placed order and order is some bad stickers about some compny / Brand…( bad ideas and shit talks )
I already cancel some orders in this month and I have high cancellation rate…
What Should I do ?
I dont know anything about the company he want me to write shits for…
should I do this order work ? I have very limited time to decide…
Please help!


Are you sure you mean the word “shit” here?
I think you might mean “sheet”


Reminds me of this: I wanna sheet on my bed!


Discuss with him.
Although we mentioned please talk before placing orders on our gig dscription.

So he should follow that


I hope he does. This would make it more hilarious.


Sound funny budy you must be focus when you talking to buyers :rofl:


Yes I mean SHIT :smiley:
he wants it


Yes! but I got 3 same order and had to cancel them and it really affects my cancellation rate on my profile!