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Buyer wants modification after order is completed

I have a buyer who is requesting addition in the logo I delivered 5 days ago. He was happy and satisfied but now he messaged me that he want to add a symbol above the logo. He is providing the design himself, and I just have to replicate it.

Should I ask him to place an order for it or can I do it for free? I’m willing to work for free though, but don’t know if Fiverr’s ToS allows me to.

(Note: The package he selected had 5 revisions but he only used 3)

Do the revisions accordingly or else Customer Support will just tell you to do the revisions or they’ll investigate the order. I once had someone threaten me with a bad review when I told him I can’t do anymore revisions for free as he used them all. Guess what? Customer support sided with the customer. So yeah…try not to get CS involved.

Something else I just noticed, you picked the wrong topic.