Buyer wants more and more and isn't satisfied


I’ve already gone WAY above and beyond for a certain buyer but they keep on wanting more and more from me on the same order. I’ve spend over an hour working on their order, which I can usually complete within 25-20 minutes but I kept adding more to it for the buyer. Now they want a mutual cancellation, but I’ve spent so much time working on this I can’t lose the money for the order! Any tips??


Unfortunately, unless you can reason with the buyer, there is no stopping the refund.


Yes, Fiverr’s mutual cancellation policy does not support sellers at all. It is very unbalanced and favored towards the buyer.

The buyer can keep demanding more and if you do not deliver, they can give you negative feedback.

My advice to you are these:

  • As cheezees said, reason with the buyer.
  • Give the buyer the mutual refund and cut your losses to prevent negative feedback.

    Mention to the buyer in a bullet list all of the things where you went over and beyond and tell the buyer that you do not usually do this for any buyer and mention that you spent over an hour longer than you usually do for your other buyers and if he/she wants more, there is an extra charge for more gigs since you already fulfilled your obligation to the gig description. You may risk negative feedback there, so the cancellation is the better option. However, if you are afraid of losing money on this order, then take the risk and mention what I suggested.



Yes I agree with the previous posters. Unfortunately there is really only two options for you here to avoid negative feedback. Either keep doing what they ask, try to get them satisfied. Or just cancel the order. You’ve got to ask yourself whether that $5 is worth the trouble they are putting you through.

I’d cancel and hope you don’t get another customer like this. I agree with @hotwebideas fiverr is very favorable to the buyer…


Just remember you will get the last response even you do all of the above an they still give you negative feed back. Fiverr should not make us have to sell our soul for these cheapo’s who won’t even part with $5.00 or $10.00.


You need to remind them of Fiverr’s Policy: “Buyers should remember the price paid for the Gig they ordered and avoid pushing sellers to deliver stuff they did not advertise or intend to deliver.” here:

If they are pushing to provide more work with different specs, and/or requesting modification this is against Fiverr policy.

As stated in the policy: "Avoid unjustified rejections:

Please remember the price you paid for the service. Matters of taste are no reason to reject an order. Continued false rejections will remove this feature from your account, and may get your account restricted from other benefits."

Don’t let them bully you, submit and ticket with CS asap so they can assist you further. Send them screenshots your entire order showing the buyer pushing you to do delivered more work, with new specs, etc. and don’t back down! Make sure to mention and quote this policy to not only the buyer by the CS team as well.

Hope that helps & good luck!


Remember to update the gig description with limits and amounts to avoid people taking advantage of grey areas in wording. Also some people specify "one revision."

Good Luck


Unfortunately some buyers use the cancellation at their advantage, you have to understand that and also you have to say stop if they keep asking but they don’t pay, time is money!


Reply to @thepromogirl: This is superb advice. Many of us on here are delighted to over-deliver. I pride myself in being exceedingly agreeable when it comes to revisions. However, there comes a time when a seller has to draw the line. Most buyers are terrific, but a tiny fraction are exploitative. I suspect they know how badly Fiverr sellers want to avoid negative feedback, and they capitalize on that. All of this talk of avoiding negative feedback through appeasement of the buyer is understandable, but again, there is a point where a buyer is being entirely unreasonable. Hopefully, Fiverr will recognize this when it is brought to their attention and lend their support to the seller, not the buyer.