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Buyer wants original content... copied from his competitor

I’m having a bit of a problem with a buyer who doesn’t know what they want (sadly, probably most of us can relate). I should’ve known from the beginning - that’s someone, who comes with instructions such as “copy my competitior’s content but with different words, but still use ther big and intelligent words”.

Interesting enough, the most intelligent words in the copy was “craftsmen”.

Anyway, what I do is manually rewrite the content, following the same layout. Every word is changed, new sentences are added, his business is presented in a professional light. But since he hasn’t actually given me anything new or original about his company, the content follows the same layout. It passed a numerous plagiarism tools without a problem but when I delivered, I got this response:

“Honesty, I could have spin this myself” (Oh, how much I love when they belittle my work with 1) comparing it to spining an article and 2) saying that they could’ve done this themselves).

Anyway, I’m patient, I’m understanding, I’m explaining them the article is original but includes the same info as their competitors (different types of products and different turnaround times, basically), simply… because they didn’t provide me with anything else! It’s a rewrite, for god’s sake!

My favorite part is when my buyer decides to let me know they now want an entirely different text. It’s no longer a web content, it’s an article that, though in a similar topic, has a different angle. And to condescendingly add: "if you don’t know my company’s unique info, leave blanks and I’ll fill them later."

Oh, well. I feel like he’s either going to abuse the modification button next time he logs in, or he’s going for the 1-star review. I’m definitely not going to refund him, since I already put time and effort - and I’ve actually followed his instructions to the letter. Do you think CS might take my side in this matter? Or do you have any tips on how to deal with this type of buyers? If you have your own story, you’re welcome to share it - I’d be glad to know I’m not the only one stuck with such people (but I’m still feeling you!) :slight_smile:

If the buyer wants something completely different after they’ve already given you instructions and you’ve completed the order, Fiverr should side with you, yeah.

Fighting with a customer is usually a losing proposition, they have all the power, they can give you a negative review, or request a refund, or ask CS to refund their order.

However, you can give your buyer a negative review, sometimes I do that. Other times I just refund the other.

Today I’m experimenting with something new, every time they ask for a modification, I send them the following custom offer:

I will do a modification for $5. Don’t agree? Request a refund.

I think you are correct not to refund, I would do the same. As sellers we can only go by what the buyers tell us and if you are happy you have done that, then stick to your guns.

I hate having my time wasted so i would just take the potential bad review. If i do the work as promised, just because its a low price doesn’t mean you can swindle me and i’m desperate. Anyway, the buyer can always do a chargeback, so you’re never guaranteed your money whether the buyer is good or bad.

dimana_att said: I'm definitely not going to refund him, since I already put time and effort - and I've actually followed his instructions to the letter.
I think you have your answer. :) You definitely have enough positive reviews to handle a bad one. It will also give you the opportunity to reiterate in your feedback response, what you do and do not do, for a gig.

CS would probably side with you, but I think they have their hands full dealing with the Getty Extra Fiasco, so it's probably not worth your wait.

Good luck and don't stress about one idiot!

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Seriously? refunding after the work is done?!

might as well provide free work from the start then!