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Buyer Wants Refund 7 Days after Dilivery


I recently delivered an order, and Also did 1 revision for my buyer. She Ordered a package that has 1 revision. Once I delivered that she sends me the following message:

-I will need to ask for more revisions. This looks pretty dark and I’d like to brighten it up just like I have been ding with filters. Could you take a look at my current profile?
Also it’s a lot of quotes. I’d like to have less. Maybe every other one but not in each tile

She said that “I will need to ask for more revisions” so | thought that she will request for one. But in 3 Days the order got Completed automatically. Then she sends me the following message:

Hello? If you aren’t able to give me the revisions needed to complete this order, then you need to issue a refund. Doesn’t seem like you have enough time to handle what you took on. And my order still NOT complete although you “delivered” it!
Please issue a refund today. Tomorrow if not refunded I’ll reach out to Fiverr and leave appropriate reviews.

Good luck to her to getting refund. I cannot offer her the refund since its marked as complete already. And I don’t think It’s allowed by fiverr usage guidelines.

I have In-fact Delivered exactly what the gig description states. But she says that I haven’t delivered complete work.


Since this is true and she is resorting to threatening you with a bad review you should ignore her. Don’t try to deal further with someone like this. Threats are not acceptable behavior.

Since she also said she would “reach out to fiverr” you should notify customer support and simply send screenshots of her threats and briefly say what you told us here.