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Buyer wants refund after accepting order

My buyer requirement was i have to redesign his website from wpbakery to he did n’t want to keep his website in maintenance mood,he asked me to develop his site in my host.after completing design ,then i had to migrate it from my host to his host.i have done what he said.he gave me to do so much fixing and i had done all.after all thing he was satisfied my work accepeted the order and left 5* review.
now he wants to refund it.his allegation is he did not find his site on google’s a part of SEO.and of course its a common matter that after redesign he lost his rank on google.i mentioned him that i am not SEO job was to redesign and i did it perfectly.but he did not get it and asking for refund after completing the what should i do in that case?


It’s better to go to support team with all proof about your and buyer’s conversation and all kind off screenshot. Hope it will help but fiverr always go with the buyer side. It’s more better to convince the buyer.


contact CS they will help you


I don’t think he can get the refund. You just need to enter the dispute in the CS and explain the situation, it is a straightforward no brainer.

PS: I don’t think SEO guarantees ranking as well. If it’s does, it’s often a combination of unpopular tags.


he already accepted the order and left 5* that case fiverr CS will cancel the order still?


in theory they won’t if everything was delivered as agreed … in plus the buyer accepted the order


you can explain the buyer everything in details in one text also add that you can’t give him refund because you did your work and he accept the work and was pleased with your delivery so now if something else comes from then you are not responsible for that.

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If you have delivered to specification, and if the job was completed and the buyer left five stars, then even if he cancels, it is worthwhile asking Customer Support to please consider this job for compensation.

If the buyer cancels, then as long as CS can see you did the work to a high standard and completed the job, they will pay you for it even if they refund him.

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Yes they can still cancel the order.

Well talk to your buyer. I think search engines like google takes a couple of days to index and rank a website. I also don’t think SEO guarantees ranking as well. You can discuss it with your buyer.

If SEO isn’t part of Your GIG and you delivered things which your promised than explain seller that “this is out of your expertise”. Fiverr support Can’t cancel your order because you’d proof that you completed order and seller satisfy By Your work.


Could it be that Buyer was confused with your profile description WordPress SEO?

However, if delivery you talk about is the recent one, with Buyer´s feedback 1 day ago, this sounds strange and you may really want to escalate cancellation request to CS.

i knocked CS describing all details and they replied me below

Hello there,

My name is Evan and I can look into this for you.

I checked on this, and from what I can see the buyer marked the order as completed and gave you a positive review. If there are some issues with something that is within the scope of the Gig, you can offer to provide some assistance with it. However, if they are asking for something that wasn’t part of the initial requirements when the order was created, you do not have obligation to work on what they are asking.

I can see that the buyer placed another order FO71749AC68C5 as well, and if they are now asking for additional work, you can send them another offer for that if you are able to do what they are asking.

Just make sure to continue to communicate with the buyer and provide an explanation in regards to this.

Kind regards

one thing,i just want to make sure that if the buyer asks to fiverr CS for canceling the order and backing the fund inspitte of leaving 5 star review and giving good feedback ,how fiverr CS will treat with him?

fiverr CS cancelled my order inspite of buyer acceptation of the order and leaving 5* was $400 project.feeling very disappointed

Sorry to hear.

Did you communicate with the customer as directed by CS? I ask seeing you don’t seem to mention that between posting their letter to you and this cancellation. If you ignored the client (with apparently an open job?) you messed up. Did CS give a reason why they felt cancellation was appropriate?

Go check and see if this site is still in use. And if it has made it into Google yet.

Also be 150% sure that you didn’t do something to prevent SEO-ness of the site as while you were not paid for SEO, SEO-ability is generally considered a fundamental of a site so if you did (or didn’t do) something to allow indexing in the usual ways, you didn’t deliver an appropriate end product. I know some DIY web builder sites are almost impossible to rank for anything past the domain name which is “not fit for purpose”.