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Buyer Wants Refund After Gig is Delivered

I have a buyer wants a refund after I already delivered the gig. At the start of the transaction she was very kind. We communicated and I felt that I got all of the information that I needed. I delivered what she asked for, and as soon as I did she immediately became nasty. She demanded a refund or else she would give me negative reviews, and this was before I could even respond. I explained that I do not cancel after I deliver, but I would be happy to work with her and deliver something she was happy with. She declined and was adamant about getting a refund and unwilling to work with me. The order is now complete and she is messaging me still asking for a refund. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Please advise. TIA

If you don’t want the bad review, I suggest you refund the orders. Refunded orders can’t get reviews. As a seller and buyer, I’ve been on both sides of the issue. I hired a designer to do images for my gigs, and she did a horrible job, so boring and blah. So I didn’t bother requesting a revision, I just asked for a refund, and then she rejects my refund request, even though I warned her, so I left a very bad review.


fastcopywriter is right. But any negative reviews will be deleted ONLY IF the buyer agrees for mutual cancellation. If they do not agree (or do not respond to your messages) in case you (the seller) was the one who first asked for mutual cancellation, the cancellation will happen but the negative review and your lower rating on this gig AND your overall rating will be there for everyone to see. Unfortunately. So be careful to make sure your buyer agrees to a refund. Otherwise they will get what you already delivered for free and you will be left with no payment and maybe a negative review forever.

hope that helped :slight_smile:

Reply to @happyspace: this case happened with me, I thought if I do a mutual cancellation the negative review will be removed but it wasn’t!!

Thank you all for your input. The order is Complete and there has not been a review yet.

The buyer contacted me again after the completed order still requesting a refund after I already said “no” to the initial request.

why we all get dramatic about this?! what if you’re delivery really sucked?

you never know

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You say she threatened you with negative feedback. Threats and blackmail attempts are against the Fiverr ToS. You may want to contact the Customer Support and supply them with screenshots, perhaps they can help you.

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buyer said my work is excellent but not providing any feedback.

If you don’t mind negative feedbacks (like myself) stick to your policy of not giving a refund. So long as you did not mislead the buyer into believing you offer something that you don’t, (which I’m sure wasn’t the case, looking at your reviews) any work done, is time spent on your part and your time isn’t free.

You could mutually cancel, not cancel and receive a negative rating, not cancel and have her file a dispute and still lose the money, or tell her that she understands if she cancels she is not entitled to use the work.

My advice, if you tried everything else (in communication with her): just refund her. No matter if she is right or wrong. If your work is good, you will earn that money again. From the other side, you probably won’t be able to remove that negative review (ever).

Of course, best thing in situations like this, is to stay cool and professional - in every single moment and do your best to give buyer impression that he talks with reasonable and calm person.

Thank you all for your feedback. I have been nothing but professional and humble, I’m pretty good at what I do, and I delivered what she asked for but she claimed that she wanted something else after delivery. It’s all good. No worries. Thanks again. I appreciate you.

Hi Kele,

This sounds very frustrating. I agree with some of the other posters here that the safest thing would be to give the refund, but I would also make sure to report this buyer to Customer Support as well. This is bullying-type behavior, and not appropriate.

Know that we are all on your side and rooting for you!


When I got a negative rating from one of my buyers, I refunded him promising me to undo the negative rating. To my surprise, the negative rating is still there and when I contacted him he said he has been trying to remove it but could not that I should contact fiverr customer care support which I did but nothing has been done to the negative rating on my gig. Please, what should I do?

Well that behavior is not good. Especially if the seller delivers as described in gig. I think it’s sole buyers responsibility to ask about everything before placing order. So in a way the king(buyer) won’t be disappointed by slave(Seller) work.