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Buyer wants refund after the work has been completed (and tons of modifications)

This is what happened -

  1. Buyer contacted me with details of the job and told me his budget is $50-$200.
  2. I agreed with the details and sent him a custom offer request of $200. He accepted that without any question.
  3. Upon starting the order, he sent another task list with lots of extra stuffs on it. I did not complain and started working on it.
  4. After delivery he sent a list of questions and modifications.
  5. I answered all of his questions and more modifications were there. All those were completed.
  6. At the last, when everything was about to be finished, he asked me to change placement of an element. I changed it and he said it needed to be on another place (I assume it was intentional). As his instruction was confusing, I requested to send me a screenshot of where he wanted the element exactly; it was a quick two minutes fix anyway.
  7. That’s where the problem started. He started a dispute claiming I can’t do the job and he will offer $50.
  8. I opened a support ticket and was told to come to a solution with the client amicably.

I contacted the buyer further and told him if he got more modifications to do, I am fine with that. But no refund is possible.

All he wants is getting refund. Meantime, he is using my work and removed all my access from the site. Its clearly visible that this is a fraudulent attempt and if this continues more people will use the trick to get work done for free.

Let me know guys what you would do on such situations and what will be the best practice to follow here.



This happened to me very recently, and the buyer just ended up giving me a horrible review, because they no longer apply for a refund.

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Yes, i had this experience myself, buyer ask for refund after the perfect deliver or else they leave us bad review!

First of all, Don’t do any other work they give, which you are not agreed with the offer!
Clearly tell him if they want to work on a different task…ask them to accept a new offer(which they won’t agree anyway if they are fraud)

Ask them clearly what are the things need to be done! before starting the project.

I can tell many things but the situation you are in…I agree that is very helpless one. fiverr support too mostly 90% on buyers side.

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Same pinch for me. First the buyer told me great work. Then the buyer request for dispute request. Also give me one star review.

Apparently, the buyer is quite a deceptive person. I just noticed his site again and he deactivated the plugins that I used for this order. No wonder he is trying to win the dispute this way. (I gave him a detail overview of which plugins have been used and how they are working).

His website seems somekind of niche site. I can guess that his main intention is getting refund and utilizing the money for other works of the site. If fiverr let him win this and roam freely, there will be more of such saddening stories.

Just continue to refuse this scam buyer’s requests for a refund. How terrible for you! I’m so sorry this happened to you.

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I´m sorry this happened to you. So bad there are buyers willing to get free stuff…

I am sorry this happened to you. The client had however shown early signs of fraud in their range of budget. Why the difference (50-200)?. Anyway, I do not think they deserve a refund after taking you through the ordeal. I hope the Support Team sides with you.

We are sorry for that, Client must show honesty after hard work of developer.

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this happen with me 2 times

  • as soon as order is canceled delete your work
  • if he is still using your work contact customer support


Remember one thing from next time every time you take project develop it on your own server as you’re a web developer you should first invest it in server and domain then develop every clients website on your server and when they say they are satisfied then transfer the work to their domain



even if he refuse and buyer contacted customer support its still gonna cancel the order if buyer said he’s not satisfied

Not if he did what he said he would do, and did it correctly. CS does not always cancel orders.

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yes they do happened with me 2 times after all work done

fiverr should do something about these type of scam buyers

This is your mistake, right there.
Regardless of how shady the buyer turned out to be, you should never, ever do that.
Because if you raised the issue there, the buyer would probably think twice before trying to pull a fast one on ya.

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NEVER GIVE UP! And in the case, a bad review will be better than no payment for the hard work.

Also, I saw you have not any Gigs! And he won’t be able to leave a review I think. If he is, you will explain the problem to CS, and they will be able to remove it for you.

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Looks like underscore has been stripped from my username, its wp_expert_

CS is still telling me to come to a solution with him.

Ah, I saw it. I think the best way is to get the payment and after you get a bad review, ask the CS to remove it, or explain as seller review what happened.

No, you cannot. It is against the ToS to ask a buyer to give you a specific rating. It is also very uncommon for Support to remove a negative rating no matter what the situation is. It is up to buyer and seller to work out situations as much as they can. Sellers have a choice to cancel or to receive the review the buyer chooses to leave.

This is So bad !! Why People are Like this…We invest and We work and after that we get cheated
So what happened next did you received your fund or fiverr cancelled the order and sent refund to buyer

That’s why it’s not ok to do very expensive orders in a single order.

I alwasy try to split large orders into smaller ones. This way if the person is a scammer, they stay away because they can’t refund everything, or it’s more complicated. Plus, it makes my job easier to not do all at once.