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Buyer wants refund without given/legitimate reason

Posting this here because I’m not sure where to post this.

I’ve got a Buyer who ordered a translation from English to Dutch. I completed the translation on time, today he got back to me and said that the “translation is too bad” and that he “does not want any revisions”.

I’ve got about 1,100 orders completed without a single negative review so I’m pretty sure the translation is fine and he’s just bullshitting because he wants a refund. I asked him for more details which he refuses to give me. I’m adamant to complete the order; not for the money, but as a matter of principle.

I believe he can keep requesting new revisions so that the order isn’t automatically marked as completed. Should I contact Support in this case? I’m pretty sure I’m in my rights here since again 1) he doesn’t want a revision; 2) he doesn’t provide any details to why it is bad.


Support most likely will tell you that you need to keep communicating with your buyer to resolve the issue

What you can do is to say that you delivered everything as promised in your gig description and according to his gig requirements so as per fiverr TOS that he signed your order is not eligible for the cancellation. However that you are happy to provide revisions that included in your gig if he has any.


This happened to me. Went back and forth with the buyer and CS (you should open a ticket). Eventually, CS canceled the order, left my rating intact, and gave me my money. This is a very unlikely outcome, though.

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You should notify support and stress that you do not want to cancel since you did the job perfectly.

Then you can simply redeliver the same finished work, as many times as he can hit the revision button and go on doing this for as long as it takes until he gives up.

As long as customer support agrees not to give him a refund you can control whether or not he gets one in this way. It’s all up to your level of determination.

There is much satisfaction in this.


I wonder what would happen if the buyer contacted the customer support and ask them to cancel the order?

I remember having a similar situation. I did not want to cancel and the buyer did not want to provide any legitimate reasons. However, the buyer went out and contacted the customer support which then they cancelled the order without reaching out back to me or listening from both parties.

I wonder if this is still possible? Will the CS immediately cancel the order as per the buyer’s request?

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As hard as it is, try to imagine you are a scammer. Now find a way to get that translation for free.

You’re not supposed to be able to cancel a delivered order, or buyers would be using it as an excuse not to pay for delivered work.
That doesn’t mean Customer Service will never let a buyer do that, but that’s not how it should work. Cancelling is for before a job is finished, not because a buyer is unhappy.

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Of course if you offer revisions and he specifies what revision he wants you have to do them even after the order has been delivered if needed.