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Buyer wants refund


Hello everyone,

Few days ago this buyer placed the order directly without any prior discussion.
He gave me the audio files to work on.

I worked on it exactly as described in my gig and delivered it.

But now the buyer is saying he didn’t expect these results and asked if he can get the refund.

What should I do in this situation? Any suggestions?

  1. Tell CS.
  2. Refund. You lost this, you have to move on.


If you did the job accordingly to the service mentioned you can try to explain the buyer about what he bought
And if you can do what he needs you can offer him to buy the extra

Refunding is a bit wrong in my opinion
But that may result in a bad review

Choose your priorities


If you did it exactly as your description states then there should be no valid reason to give him a refund.

So you can refuse to give a refund and possibly get a bad review, or give a refund. Don’t give a refund if he has already left a review of any kind.

If you decide not to give him a refund tell customer support you did the order as your description stated and do not want to give a refund, so they will agree with you not to give one.

It also might help to increase your price to $10 minimum so you avoid these types of buyers.