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Buyer wants revision after I go on vacation

Sorry about the long post but this is really bothering me.

I’ve been working overtime on fiverr lately because I was going to be going on vacation. So i complete all of my orders before activating vacation mode.

one of the orders I did was for a woman who wasn’t happy with her delivery. turns out that she wanted something that I don’t actually offer in the gig (explained clearly in the FAQ which she didn’t read)

for some reason, she waited over a week before sending me a request for a revision (long after the order auto-completed, as a PM). By this time, Im traveling halfway across China.

I told her as much, so she left a 1 star review. Unhappy about this, I decide (stupidly) to offer her a refund on PayPal if she removed her review. I guess i wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. so I get a TOS warning. Which is fair enough I guess.

CS force-canceled the order and refunded her. So now, for my trouble, I have

A scathing 1 star review
A TOS Warning
no money from this order

My question - when an honest seller like me makes a mistake like this, am I in any danger of having my account banned? This is my second warning in the 6 years I’ve been selling here. is there something like a “3 strikes and you’re out” rule? I really hope not because I make a good living here. I have 1600 five star reviews, and am thinking in the future I could give up teaching and just do music. Id be devastated if I ever lost my account.

TLDR; I goofed up because of an unreasonable buyer and now I’m feeling anxious about losing my account due to TOS warnings.


I am bookmarking this thread because the comments that are going to flow below about how deep of a hole you have dug for your account aren’t something to miss. Count yourself lucky you got off with a warning.


You did something really silly and got a warning for it. If they were going to ban you for that then it would have happened to you already. Just avoid doing really silly things in the future and you should be fine.

What I dont get is that you have had one bad review in 3 years - why would you overreact like that instead of just taking it on the chin? It makes no sense to me! Sometimes people get bad reviews for whatever reason, it’s not SUCH a big deal - Fág é taobh thiar :wink:


It wasn’t honest what you did. Yes you are in danger of that. And I’m not positive, but you might have your level demoted in the next evaluation.

It’s sad to do that after all the great reputation you’ve been building. But, big brother :male_detective: would say that this is the second time you get caught and not the second time you do it.

I hope that you don’t get demoted :slight_smile:

to clarify, my first TOS warning was because a buyer was insisting we talk about his project on the phone. there were some details that are hard to get across by text (music) so after a while I agreed to give him my whatsapp. the order went very well after that

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