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Buyer wants service without giving order

Buyer wants service without order. I said ok I will do some of the things then you will order.

Buyer says to upload a theme in his site as soon as possible. His site has virus so I reseted his site and uploaded the theme. now he wants to get back the previous things. I have tried every way to get back but there was no way.

i think buyer will report me. Is there anything to do?


Never work before any payment…


yes. now I understood. never work before order.

That’s the main thing: to never work before person places an order.
But at the same time they have nothing to report you for. They didn’t pay so they can’t complain about you.


Thank you very much for your information.

Confirm your order first then start work…

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One of my buyer told me to work on his project without order.I didn’t do it before placing order


Yes , they shouldn’t!
But now that the “client” wants to get back the original stuff/layout but couldn’t.
Don’t you think the client can report?
As you guys said, it’s important not to work for free.

One thing you’ll get frequently too, is buyer’s trying to get free advice out of you. There are strategies around this, but just giving you the heads-up.


This can happen from time to time. Especially when a seller is new. But no, never do any work for free unless it is a bonus that you decide to offer to a good client together with the delivery of their placed order. Because not only such kind of people get your work for free; they also get if for free from Fiverr. Fiverr is business; not charity :slightly_smiling_face:

In some cases, what you can offer for free is only samples that they can not use.

Hope that helped

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Never do work for free.

Always take a backup.

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Always deny this politely! Your work is worthing money dont do it without order. Good luck.

Maria S.

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