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Buyer wants something not offered and Fiverr dont care?

I have a gig (a video logo reveal) delivered for the buyer and also one revision (that changes everything that was set previously) now the buyer wants new music for the video which is not the scope of the gig, and Fiverr is telling me that I’m late. Don’t you care about the sellers?


If you delivered what was originally asked before the time ended, you can ignore the “late” sign.


I did it twice, - in a gig that offers one revision - and I’m delivering another “revision” of something that isn’t even part of the gig. I wonder if the buyer receives any notification that he is asking for more than it is offered.

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Unfortunately, he doesn’t.

However, if he’s asking for something that he should pay extra for, you can explain it to him and then click on ‘Offer More Extras’, which are added to the original order.


I also had faced same problem of getting number of revision. One revision take 2-3 hour to correct delivered file even if it’s not under my gig scope.

Please give any particular plan to follow if anyone resolved this kind of situation.

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Great idea, but some of the buyers giving extra pressure on sellers even if the order is for low budget. Fiverr need to do some needful things for sellers in this kind of situation.

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I’m sending right now the last revision (the 4th) what if he still want to “Can you use this other logo” or something like this, and I dont do it, what is going to happen?

I am new to fiverr so I need some order

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Good communication is key. We don’t know if that buyer is just new and isn’t aware of how Fiverr works or if he knows very well what he’s doing and he’s abusing the revision button to get more work for free.

Tell him how it is but in a polite and friendly way, so that he won’t give you a bad review out of spite.

If you only had 1 revision, you can tell him something like “Since this order only had 1 revision and I’ve already done more than what was included, I will have to charge for further revisions. I hope you understand. Anything, please let me know, thank you :)”

Or you don’t risk a bad review and work forever for this dude, which I think it’s much worse :confused:


Please see:
. The Art of Saying No Nicely
. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller
. The power of saying, "NO!"

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