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Buyer wants to be emailed after Order Completion

Hi, I recently completed my project and delivered all the files to the buyer.

Now in my inbox, buyer wants me to send her all the files on her email which she also provided me with in that very message.

I have not responded to her yet, and I know that contacting outside of fiverr platform is a clear violation of ToS. Considering all this, should I refuse her to the do job or can I email her the files (given that the order has been completed and I now have her email)?


Refuse to do the job. It’s against TOS. Report the buyer as well.


Don’t. Tell her you can’t do that because of Fiverr’s terms of service but that it’s easy to download the files and look in Fiverr’s Buyer Help Center for the article describing how to do that and add a link to that.

The max you can do if she insists for some reason, is to tell her you’ll have to contact customer support then which might take up to two days to reply (perhaps she realizes then that it’s much simpler and faster to simply download her files herself) to ask them if they’ll make an exception - (which most probably they won’t if there isn’t any good reason for why she can’t simply download the delivered files like everyone else - this bit in brackets is just for this post, don’t tell her that ;)) and then you can quote support’s reply to her (or follow her plea and send the files by email in the unlikely event they’ll say yes).

Be polite, of course, do your best to make the conversation not sound like she should have known that, etc., many new buyers simply aren’t aware of even Fiverr’s biggest rules, but don’t risk your account for that buyer’s convenience.

If you do it, in the worst case, the buyer might decide she’d like a refund and go to support, who’d look at the conversation and see you did email her, or she might try to use the fact you did email her to blackmail you.

Chances are she just doesn’t know better than to bother you with this “dangerous wish” but we’ve seen it all here on the forum.


In addition to what others have said, if it turns out that your buyer has problems downloading the files from the order page (it happens, even with small files), you can upload those files to a service like DropBox and send her the link, just make sure that there’s no private contact information (like your email, or other means of contacting you outside of Fiverr) in it.

If your buyer is having problems downloading the files, CS will probably recommend DropBox, too (that’s what they usually do).


Really helpful, thanks!

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