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Buyer wants to call me

Buyer wants to call me as he speaks same language as me. I told him already that I want to work through fiverr. But he said he just want to call me so he can describe the project in detail as its a 4000-5000$ project.

What am I supposed to do?


You’ve already answered your own question. :wink:

Please tell your buyer that you’re happy to stay within Fiverr’s ToS and so should they.


You can tell him that contact that’s not within Fiverr could get you both banned.

It’s better if he writes it down in detail, so you can refer back to his instructions while you work. How are you supposed to remember every little detail of a phone call?


I notice some gigs have in their gig description they can talk to clients by skype however, I think you have to get CS permission to use skype for your gig. Contact CS and see if you can use skype.


Well, this is beside the point, but, there are a lot of apps which record each and every phone call you make or receive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well you seem to have it all figured out then.

  1. Break TOS
  2. Record yourself breaking TOS.

Good luck.


Yes, but if you need to check some details, isn’t it easier to do with written instructions?


I was not suggesting to break the ToS. And, I would NEVER break the ToS either. Please DON’T take my words out of context, or put words in my mouth.

My reply was only in response to this particular question-

My point is: don’t try and find reasons behind why a particular term of service was drafted in the first place. Or people might start asking questions behind your reasoning (like I just did).

The actual reason behind why a certain clause in the ToS was drafted might be very different from what we assume to be the reason.

Just abide by the rules and stay out of trouble. That’s about it. Period.

Besides breaking the TOS, you don’t want to be called. Why? Because Fiverr marketplace is a straight, focused work delivery, rather than project-oriented environment where you need to have meetings and discuss the details, provide feedback, establish deadlines… So, here, communications must be kept concise, clear and short. Phone usually breaks that approach.

Also, a $4000-$5000 project here very very risky in this marketplace due to chargebacks/cancellation policies. Take extra care before accepting that. Split it in several smaller orders under $500, and only advance if all is going ok or your customer has a strong reputation.

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So you were offering advice as to how to do something that you suggest people don’t do?
That’s thin.

“Warning TOR is not for the illegal downloading of copyrighted material.” And that’s all it is used for.

It’s pretty obvious why all communication has to be in writing through the Fiverr messaging system - it’s the only way Fiverr can monitor everything which is said between buyers and sellers. It’s also why messages can’t be deleted or edited after they’ve been sent.

Any other method of communication can’t be monitored without intruding into users’ privacy outside Fiverr.

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Yes, I absolutely agree with what you just said.

But this?

No way… Sorry. That’s definitely not the reason why Fiverr’s ToS says not to take phone calls from clients.

You just can’t have contact outside of Fiverr and that is it. No matter what is the reason behind…


EXACTLY my point all along…

Just stop trying to justify and give reasons as to why the ToS is the way it is.

Just accept/abide by it and stay out of trouble.

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Actually, there are ways you can, with express permission from Fiverr. There are valid points on several sides here. Just because you can (with permission) doesn’t mean you’ll benefit from doing it that way.


True that, but each seller needs to have permission like you said, but only if it is necessary for project, not just to talk about project or if it is easier for buyer that way.

If buyer complain that seller didn’t do job correctly, and seller says “I did everything what he/she told me over skype”, where is proof of that? In inbox and order page you have proof of everything.

And of course, another reason, if you contact someone on skype, you can easily say to him/her to pay you directly on paypal


I never said that it was.


Agreed. I think this why several people are pointing out that even if you had outside contact with permission, you are often better off not doing it.

You might need to complicate it with some extra way to remember it, or you might get caught out if one party suggests something they shouldn’t.



Only gigs that can be allowed for skype are tutoring(or similar) over skype. I don’t see any other reason to use skype, at least that is my opinion.


This seems like a good wrap up for a difficult topic.