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Buyer wants to cancel an order after the job is completed

A buyer placed an order including fast delivery, redesign, programming, … a lot of things

He’s a newbie, I think that it’s his first order

One day after delivering the product he says “I’m not satisfied, could you cancel the order”, what? The problem is not the product, it’s that he doesn’t know what he needs

I’ve been working 36 hours on this project, replying to many questions and doing more things than the ones he ordered

What would you do?

  1. Cancel
  2. Report to Customer Support
  3. Say “You can’t request a cancellation when the project is completed”

I chose #3


I’d do 2 or 3, but 3 ideally.

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Report to customer support and if the problem is solve then it’s fine. If the problem is not solved and I didn’t do much effort on that project, I would consider it as a bad experience and leave it and be careful next time. If I did much effort, wasted lots of time and still they don’t solve the issue, I would say and do things I shouldn’t do.

But If it’s my mistake, I would accept it and give refund.


@zeeshan_tirmizi I totally agree

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I have noticed this with new buyers especially those that have recently created their accounts. I finally gave up and decided to cancel and considering not taking orders from people with new accounts, those who can’t communicate properly in english etc


Hello. I have a seller who asks extra work than the gig describes. I have already explained to him , rewritten the gig description, opened a dispute…nothing. Meanwhile, the order is done and delivered, he asks as revision something which is an extra. How can I solve this? I Where is the customer support option?

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So this is really happening on fiverr for sure. I don’t prayer to work for such buyers!


If an order is cancelled then reviews are still left ? also, does cancellation of an order affect the rating of seller? many thanks!

you meant to say “I don’t wish to work…” you translated incorrectly.

Same matter happened with me.
When I completed my work and delivery it, buyer say me he needs more.
Then I report to customer support but they are unable to force the buyer to accept my work.
Finally, I canceled this order.
Because I’m helpless. :sob::rage::sob:

Yes, I mean I don’t wish (pray) to work for such buyers… It’s a typographical error!

Number 3.

Never refund after you do the work for any reason.

In over four years here I’ve never done this even once.


I think you really need to workout with the buyer in the first place as communication is the key to success, as you said that you think it’s his first order so he may be confused and a bit scared too and may be he don’t know Fiverr in detail as well so you really need to make him feel comfortable and try to go an extra mile with him. If the problem still persists then the best option is to contact customer support and cancel the order without effecting your rank and cancellation rate as in this case the buyer is the initiator of the cancellation not you.

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what to do when the buyer wants to cancel the order after it’s completed and leaves this as a reason: “I do not want to work with this seller. I dont care if he delivers the work I dont want the files.” (he didn’t read all the gig description so he expected more).

the answer from CC: “However, keep in mind we also cannot force a buyer to accept a delivery. Please continue to follow up with your buyer and see if you are able to reach an agreement.”

This is very encouraging for buyers with moody personality and a deceiving experience as user of this platform.

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Yeah it seems true that they are encouraging the buyers but they are not believe me, there are just good and bad buyers that’s it. The best solution to that is to cancel that order and move on instead of wasting time and energies on that issue. Believe in yourself there is a lot more good coming your way.

It affects your order completion rate which can reduce your chances of being ranked high on search pages

some buyers do this intentionally, they get back their money and get the files(even if they say they don’t want it) Just keep one thing in mind, ratings are important and such buyers will end up rating you badly and would affect, so i advise you to forgo the money and effort so you can secure more in the future…Had an experience like this with a buyer…He didn’t know what he wanted, asked to cancel, i declined,i was trying to work it out with him,he started replying late even if he was online then the order completed and he dropped a 1.7 rating.My first negative rating in over 240 jobs…Some people are just negative personally and they don’t want to talk things through.You just have to know which buyer can be reached and which ones can’t be and save your account


Great. Thank you so much

If they’re not satisfied, they should request a revision, not a cancellation. With what little information you provided (you said you spent 36 hours on the Gig) you deserve to be paid.

I would contact CS so they can look over the order for you and give you pointers and refer the Buyer to Fiverr’s Order Cancellation Policy if they’re “demanding” to cancel.

From the sites policy: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

This same policy is also in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, which the user agreed to during sign up. If they are unfamiliar with the sites processes, it would be suggested they need to do so before ordering in the future.

You’re not at fault but caution is needed when working with the buyer (you might have to hold their hand a little and explain things, but be firm with not cancelling). You did the work and deserved to be paid––Fiverr’s policy supports you on this, so cite it.

Good luck!

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Hi @sergio_yanes

I have had this problem when 1 over emotional buyer placed an order for website redesigning. I had a really bad time with him but i have learned something.

I will suggest you to communicate with the buyer and see if you both can agree on something. If not cancel the order and go ahead. Never work with the buyer who doesn’t show entrust in your work or doesn’t have knowledge about the work. They always put you in trouble.