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Buyer wants to cancel an order immediately after placing it

Hi guys, what happens if a buyer says, “I don’t wanna do this anymore” and wants to cancel an order he just placed. Is there a way to cancel the order without hurting your profile?


No, there is not a way to cancel and not affect your stats.


Just perfect. Best inform customer support.

Actually there is only if it was a wrong order. The seller does need to contact customer support and they will cancel from their side without affecting completion rate and cancellation rate.
Happened with me 2 times this month and that’s exactly what I did.


Oh wow. Thank you. Did not know that.

Would love to hear how this cancellation goes for you. My experience is that cancellations do affect your completion rate regardless of reason. That happened to me – for example, once a buyer accidentally ordered a large order twice, another changed his mind because he didn’t read the delivery time. I contacted CS and was told that any cancellation will affect your completion stat. Hope Fiverr will change this policy.

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when did this happen? :thinking:

If it happened recently then maybe the person who is assigned to your ticket does not know this:

@editnow You have a very unique and stuck in a mind username btw. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Why not tell him no he can’t do that? That’s what I would do. You have a say in what happens too you know. Of course add to that the benefits he is getting.

You know you’ll get a terrible review right after

No, why? If you did a good job he would need to lie. You guys give in to these things much too easily.

You can’t allow yourself to be easily pushed around by the whims of buyers this way.

It happened to me last week and I said no. And the buyer was happy at the end of it.

Have control of what happens with your gigs and your orders. Of course if every review is a matter of concern your opinion might differ from mine, but in general it’s best if you can not operate from a position of fear of a bad review.


I like that this topic is again on the Forum. The policy needs to change and be more flexible.

Here are excerpts of CS responses to me regarding cancellations:

December 2018
“Unfortunately, at the moment all cancellations count towards your rate and cannot be excluded.”

January 2019
“All order cancellations are reflected in your statistics and it is not possible to exclude an order from counting towards your statistics or have them removed from it.”

On the latest cancellation, I denied the buyer’s request to cancel NINE times. (Yikes!) Even had calm, reasonable discussions with the buyer about why the cancellation was unwarranted.


:grinning::grinning::grinning: that’s bold. I think buyers can be cyber bullies sometimes and Fiverr has to check this trend. Just a thought, is it possible for a Fiverr to include a damage fee clause for buyers. I mean, canceling an order just because you’re not in the mood anymore should not be my concern.

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There is one situation that is specifically addressed in Support articles - if a buyer says they ordered by mistake and did not enter requirements to start the order.

If the order is incomplete and the clock is not running, Fiverr allows no-fault cancellation with restrictions:

" When an order is marked as Incomplete, the buyer is still required to submit the requested information for the seller to complete the order. The order status cannot be adjusted until the buyer replies to the seller’s instructions.

*Note: After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings. "


What happens in cases where the buyer says he’s not in the mood anymore or has figured it out himself and wants to cancel the order?

I had someone cancel an order that never started that they had purchased about two years ago and my cancellation rate was affected by it.

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i recommend to negotiate that with the buyer and convince him to get more for his order instead of canceling it, like promo code offer or mufti- item package , it works for me , i hope you can solve this :slight_smile:

This is a fairly new policy as far as I know. It has worked for a few people for sure, but I haven’t needed it myself.


I don’t trust that article. I think that customer support would say the usual about it not being something they can change when the cancellation rate is affected. Those articles are not always accurate.

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I cancelled recently few incomplete orders that I had for months after I discovered that new policy. To be precised I cancelled 4 incomplete orders this month and it didn’t go into my stats.