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Buyer wants to Cancel an Order

Hi all, I need advice on this matter. I try to avoid these situations because I’ve seen a lot on the Forum but here I am… It’s happening to me.

So, a client ordered a Data Mining Gig to fetch data on Landlords from a list of websites he provided. He needed their names, Phone Numbers, Emails etc. I promised to manually search out and fill this data into the Excel Template he provided. When I went through all the websites he provided, none of them display the names of the Landlords. They also don’t provide Phone Numbers or Emails but allow direct messaging through the website.

The best I could do on this order was to find Real Estate Agents, Phone Numbers from other Real Estate Websites. Now, after a tonne of work, the client refuses the delivery stating he needs the data of Landlords alone. In my dilemma, I apologised for the error, I then requested that he provides a source for this data promising to fix it immediately. He has since refused to do so…

How do I proceed with this please?

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I’d say cancel and move on.

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But this will affect me. I really don’t need this right now. I am trying to ask the buyer to consider my delivery because its the best I could do with the data provided.

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You wanted an opinion and you got one, even if it’s not the one you wanted. I agree. Cancel and move on.


For future works, in example you get another similar job, I’d recommend to ask if he can send you the list for you to check before accepting the job, to avoid this kind of issues. I have rejected a couple of works because (in my case) the audio of the video was terrible and no script was provided/available.


Hi @estherrandell ,

i also need to agree with other colleagues… i think that you need accept it and move on.
On first, you make mistake there, because you didn’t check if you have all related information for work.
As @gabrielavila96 says, I rejected a few jobs, because i find things that will be to hard for do.

Try to speak more with client, in anyway…