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Buyer wants to cancel because they have an upcoming bill?

So yesterday I was in discussion with a lady for an hour or two, looking at what she needed, how many doodles, etc, and she wanted a discounted price on a large order. I decided to be kind and offered to $150 instead of $280 (which is a HUGE discount).

She accepts the order, pays and submits her requirements. Not even an hour later, she messages me saying she would like to cancel as she has an upcoming bill of $100 she forgot about.

What do I do? If I cancel then it will hurt my seller account, but if I don’t? I’m at a loss…


The reason for cancellation has no relation to the order and thus you are not obligated to cancel. Explain to her that you have already put in effort to work on the project and are entitled to compensation.

I would not cancel for any reason other than that which is directly related to the service provided.

Contact CS also to let them know what is happening.


She should’ve gotten her expenses in order first. And even if she cancels, the balance will only be credited to her buyer account (generally). You have bills to pay, too. She may think you’re heartless for it, but don’t cancel if you don’t want to.


I don’t want to cancel, but I’m worried she will leave a negative review based on no cancellation rather than quality of work :upside_down_face:


I haven’t actually started on the work yet, I only got the order a couple hours ago and it’s 2am here and wasn’t going to start work until the morning.

I’ve informed her I won’t be cancelling, just waiting to see her response now.


Well, it’s happened to me before. Not fair, but it seems buyers have all the leverage here. I made sure to leave the buyer a bad review, but I think we all know those carry less weight and don’t have as much influence as reviews left for sellers.


“The reason for cancellation is not related to the quality of service” - the terms of service clearly state an order can’t be canceled due to quality of delivery as long as he delivered according to the order instructions.


I stand corrected. The paragraph should read:

The reason for cancellation has no relation to the order.


Your Buyer cannot have her cake :cake: and eat it too, her excuse doesn’t warrant a CXL/REFUND. You were kind enough to give her a huge discount. You worked hard on the project and you have bills to pay, too. As Sellers, we need to set the tone. She could go to the next Seller doing the same thing and expecting to get away with it. Stand your ground and don’t cxl.

Edit: I just read you haven’t started the work yet. But it’s still a binding order.
P.S.~ I still wouldn’t be too quick to CXL. But it’s your decision.


Well, since you haven’t even started on the work, I would just cancel.

Buyers and I have mutually canceled orders before I even started working on a project, and it didn’t affect my profile. But I would contact CS and tell them why the buyer wanted to cancel just to make sure your profile isn’t affected.

This is a fight that will likely end with a negative review, a cancelation, or the buyer issuing a charge-back with their bank and getting their money anyway (and potentially your work).


I think what @maddisont is saying carries weight here. It would be a different case if the project was nearing completion or was even half-way through already, but in your case you say you haven’t started yet. While you are in no obligation to cancel your order, it is true that this can cause you unnecessary complications. At the end of the day, it is up to you and is perfectly understandable if you don’t want to cancel, but the safe step here would be to keep the CS included, just in case anything does go wrong.


So she replied, saying she get stupid and “I really hope you understand my reasons for cancellation”. She basically ignored that I said I didn’t accept the reasons for cancellations. I will just message CS as suggested and see what they say.

Thank you everyone for your comments :pray:

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I would cancel, but don’t forget to tell her that her refund is only going to Fiverr’s credit for another order, not to her bank account. I would love to know what is her excuse then.


First red flag was her asking for a discount. Most people I have encountered who do this, end up being trouble. Either you cannot make them happy, they cancel and complain or they expect you to do revisions you don’t even offer. Funny thing is, most times, these bargain hunters are first time buyers whom I have never dealt with.

As others have said, the money is not going to go back on her credit card, to her PayPal or bank account. That money is tied up in her Fiverr balance. Sounds like she had buyer’s remorse to me, and couldn’t afford what you sell anyways.

Definitely contact Customer Service to help with this and if you do cancel, ask Customer Service to do it in a fashion that will not harm your Completion Rate.



Funnily enough, she just replied and she “spoke to her bank, who agreed to move the bill date”.

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If the buyer already has the plan and want you to cancel the order, you will be hard to continue work for her . So if you still want to keep this order , she will possible still wants to cancel the order or give you bad reviews, or countless revisions … I know she should’t do that way , but the problem is " she really wants to cancel the order , and you didn’t start to work on it . So why keep it ?

As @graphtersawyer and @zerlina84 have already stated, the refund only appears in the buyer’s account as credit - they can’t withdraw it. This is a great tool for us sellers to ‘softly softly’ challenge a cancellation without going nuclear.

“I’m sorry that you’re having troubles at the moment. Are you aware that by cancelling the order the money will only appear in your Fiverr account as credit and will not be transferable to your bank? Can I therefore suggest that we go ahead with the order, etc…”


Ermm… so she’s admitting she doesn’t have the bill problem anymore? some people have no shame lol


Yeah, you are right! It’s what I was going to write to the topics :slight_smile:

I had someone place a $5 order, shared their comprehensive request and after 5 minutes they wanted to refund because they placed an order by mistake. Then they said it’s too expensive for their budget :grin: So… there are all kinds of buyers. I am not surprised to see someone cancel orders because they can’t pay their bills. What they don’t know is their money won’t leave Fiverr