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Buyer wants to cancel before delivery

A buyer placed an order, i started the job, and mid-way before submission, he is asking for cancellation, reasons been that he is not yet ready for the job, that he will order later. What am i expected to do, owing the fact that time has already been spent on the job

You will need to explain to your buyer order cancellations will have a negative effect on your account. Also, if you have started work on the order, then you need to get paid for your time and effort.

Do not do this. Whilst it’s tempting, it can be seen by Fiverr Customer Support as manipulation, which can result in a warning against you or worse. It’s not worth it.

This is very true, but honestly it sounds like you’ve got a buyer who is trying to scam you. My advice would be to stop working, and report this order to Customer Support. They will likely cancel it, but there’s a chance that your order completion rate won’t be impacted (no guarantee). Then block the buyer so that they cannot order from you again.


How is it manipulation? Will a canceled order have a positive effect on the seller’s gigs? Many at times some buyers do not know the effect of the things they do and go about doing them. Letting them know the effect of their actions is in no way a manipulation. If you ask for me to cancel an order that I have started work on, then I have every reason to tell you why I can not cancel it.
1.) Canceling it puts my account ratings at risk
2.) I have started work on your order and should get paid for it.

It is as simple as that. There is no manipulation. It is only stating the obvious which might not be to him.

You’re telling a buyer not to do something because it will have a negative impact on you, thereby playing on that buyer’s emotions.

If for example, a seller clearly has not delivered what I’ve asked for, I’m entitled to a cancellation. But if the seller then tells me that it will impact them negatively, so please don’t cancel, that’s clearly manipulation.

Yes, in this case the seller has not yet delivered, so the buyer’s rights are not quite so clear. But CS often side with the buyer in these cases, and my reply clearly said “it can be seen by Fiverr Customer Support as manipulation.” I’ve seen plenty of sellers get stung by this here on the forum.

It’s a warning, it’s entirely up to you if you heed it or not.


Another option is to see if he wants to extend the delivery time. Though I don’t see any real reason for that. You could ask the buyer why they want to do what they asked/why he’s not ready for the delivery . Maybe they want more time to give more info for the order which they should have given originally (and ticked the box to say everything was complete) or maybe 3 days to check and ask for any revisions wouldn’t be enough.

The buyer was willing to pay me for the time I’ve put in, but there is no way this is possible because I can’t get part of the money and the buyer is not willing to continue the job or pay in full

When the order was created, the buyer said he has a presentation and needs the job ASAP. 3 days max. I started the job, only to get a message that the presentation has been shifted. I suggested to extend the delivery time to accommodate for when he will be ready, since I have already put some time into the job, but buyer was mute on the issue

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I think fiver needs to put a mechanism in place where buyers and sellers resolve their issues without anyone getting shortchanged. There should be an option of sellers getting paid for an order they have put time into, and buyer changes his/her mind before submission. There should be an option for buyer agreeing to to release certain amount from the order sum if they decide not to go ahead with the order. And it must not affect a sellers rating because the seller did nothing wrong


you can apply for extension and extend delivery time to 25 days. when ever he is ready you guys can start work from there

yes hourly base payments should be introduced on fiver