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Buyer wants to cancel if I accept will this damage my rating and status?

I received an order today and within an hour the buyer wants to cancel saying that the product wasn’t delivered in an hour which it clearly states 3 days not an hour for delivery! I don’t know where she saw 1 hour. I’m thinking she’s having regrets for placing the order but I don’t want to accept the cancellation if it will lower my rating and status. I just made Level 1 and I have only had good reviews and I deliver the work with 1-2 days eventhough my profile states 3. Should I go ahead an cancel this order with no harm done?

Reply to @kjblynx: I have to partially disagree: every cancellation (even the mutual ones) affect seller negatively. Infact if cancellation ratio grows too much (noone really knows which is a “bad” ratio) seller can lose his/her Levels and so extras and business…

Reply to @kjblynx: I know, I know :slight_smile:

You provide valueable answers on forum, so I wanted to provide a further detail that could be important to know for newcomers :slight_smile:

Question: I order a service that the seller said will take 24 hours. My service is the only one in the queue but I am not too sure if the seller will do the service since I got no feedback after passing the necessary information. What do I do? It is my first fiverr purchase but I think I will have to be even more careful now

Reply to @ricardofraser: It’s been a couple of days since you posted here. If you haven’t heard from the seller yet, go to your “My Shopping” page and send the seller a message.

If the seller still doesn’t respond to you within a day or two, contact Fiverr Customer Support, by submitting a “Support Request”, or use the FIverr “Resolution Center” on the order page.

what happens if I as a seller disagree with a buyer who pushes the cancellation button… especially considering the work is on there server with the godaddy account.

You as a seller have the right to decline the cancellation. If you decline, you are risking a negative review and if the buyer contacts CS the order will most likely be cancelled anyways.

If the buyer cancels the order and your work is being used, you can always contact godaddy and ask them to take it down.
Another option is to submit a ticket to CS ahead of time. Inform them that the buyer wants to cancel the order but your work is still up and see if they will take your side. Make sure to include screenshots. Best of luck!!

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