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Buyer wants to cancel order after delivery with file source. waht to do!?

Hello everyone, I am new on Fiverr and in this community.
A buyer wants to cancel an order and a “# # L A T E # #” sign on my order page. I don’t understand what to do!
The buyer placed a custom order and I worked as per the given description and send him for corrections. The buyer replied with 2 corrections and wants to changes the given text. I followed those corrections and send it to him again for final revision. Almost after one day and 10 minutes before the deadline I had to deliver the work(with source file) without receiving any reply from the client.
After one day of delivery, without any notice/massage client requested for cancel order The quality of the work I received was poor.
I replied politely and asking for corrections and wants to see an example or reference of that expected quality. but client only agree with cancellation.
I can show the screenshot of our conversation. i have done nothing wrong!

Please some one help me with any information that how can i avoid the “LATE” sign. I mean, what to do now! :pray:
And one more question that, can a buyer hide their comments or reply from his profile!? coz, buyer profile is empty from 2017.


This is from Fiverr’s Payment terms -

I would refuse cancelation. Also, there is no way to hide past reviews. So, either this buyer has never left a rating on a project to allow a seller to rate them, or they have never completed a project.


Thanks a lot for the information you given :yellow_heart:


your first mistake was when there was only 10 minutes left that time you shouldn’t ask for revision to the client. that time you should delivered and then ask the client for revision. because after delivery you still can give him revision with in 3days after delivery. now you can do only one thing is ask your client to add some time for the per as i know but haven’t try it that if the client want he can add time.

@ducktheunicorn Thank you so much for your informative reply.
what if client leave a negative review!? Would fiverr CS take any action if client put any inappropriate or bad review !?

And what about the sign !?

If the buyer leaves a bad review, that’s their choice. Fiverr CS does occasionally remove reviews in extreme circumstances, but it’s not very common. You will most likely have to deal with the negative review on your account. I would respond to the review respectfully and explain your side of the story if the buyer chooses to leave a negative review.

Would you rather get paid for your work and risk a less than stellar review or lose your money and reduce your order completion rate?


thank you so much good information for new sealer . I am a new sealer .

@rd_arijit i waited till that time for clients reply. I said I delivered at the last moment. I didn’t ask any revision at this moment.
But would u can tell me whats the LATE sign for -


I think this post explains your LATE timer perfectly. Buyer did not provided information regarding paid revision

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@digifawz thank you for the reply.
I delivered with the ‘Deliver Now’ button but before 10 minutes.

and refreshed the tab, open the link on a new tab but same thing!
I didn’t attached anything on “Work file”. I just attached on “Source file” on delivery. Is that can be an issue for it !?

No, please read the link. Did the buyer request a revision? I assume you haven’t delivered anything else after they asked for a revision and that’s why it’s showing as late. Read the post I’ve linked in my previous reply.

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@digifawz I read the post. which is not relevant. and they didn’t ask for a revision.

In my post i tried to explain that without any revision buyer wants to cancel order, whereas i offer for unlimited revision.

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Best way is contact with your customer support & describe them the full story… they will help you.