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Buyer wants to cancel order after delivery

Hey guys,

So there is one lady that asked for some video intro, she said that she wanted it colorful, fun, fast etc… also to include pictures of her in the slides… of course i did exactly as she asked in her unique style of fashion or something and after delivery she said that it doesn’t include keywords ( that she provided, just 2-3 words that i though were for me to understand style ) and now she wants to cancel order because “The order is nothing that I asked for. It is not of any use to me.” i am really confused, what should i do ?


Here is what I recommend to do:

Ask her how the order can be improved to meet her needs. If she wants to cancel agaw do that - if your order is less than $15 and didn’t toke you much time, you can cancel. Or she may leave a bad review. If it is more than $15 and toke much time to complete, you can explain your situation. She can leave a bad review if you don’t want to cancel.

Also, if you cancel, you won’t be sure if she will use your work for free. I had the same experience before, and canceled, as being a good seller.

It’s like 15$ order but it’s really unfair, i spent so much time on that order and got every detail exactly as she asked for… i really feel like she wants to get that for free or i don’t know, i told her that i would do ultimate revisions for her but she is not answering and i am really nervous… i also worry that if i cancel it might effect my rating :frowning:

If you cancel, she is liable to still use the work and your profile is affected.

The given choice is which is the lesser of two evils. Do you take a negative review or cancel the order in the hopes that you don’t have to cancel anymore in the future?

If you did the work, you should be paid accordingly. If she ends up leaving a bad review, use that opportunity to state your case and give her feedback less credit.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

I had this decision to make yesterday and got a one-star rating. I used my feedback for him to blow his out of the water (we’ll see if it happens.) And, during the overnight hours, I ended up with 2 five star ones.

Good luck!

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if I’m not mistaken, if she uses your work for free, you have the right to send DMCA a takedown request.


@bananashop, ask her if she is going to use your work for free. Even if she lies, you need to believe what you have!

unfortunately “CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT” So best thing is cancel the order. But you have good reviews at all. So that case you can take a risk and don’t agree to cancel the order.

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Send the following and see what happens:


I am very sorry that even after a very detailed revision, you feel that the work produced does not meet your project requirements. I will, however, forward this order to Fiverr Trust and Safety as per your request.

Please note that it Fiverr does cancel your order, any use of any material provided by me anywhere online, will result in web ages hosting content being reported directly to Google and any video sharing/hosting platforms for copyright infringement.

Kind Regards,


This usually freaks scammers out. (If your buyer is a scammer). I even have a 5 star review from a buyer who told me “Your work is EXPLETIVE awful.” - Just remember to wear your best poker face.


It’s easier (and free) to complain about copyright infringement directly to Google and website hosting companies. - Also it freaks this kind of buyer out completely, since they are usually selling work on to their own clients,


Good to know this! They also can screw you over like DMCA did ($8000) with a poor blogger girl because of using a simple photo downloaded from internet?

hey there, for the update :

i told her that i would revise it and would give her ultimate free revisions and after 1 revision she left 5 star :slight_smile:

Everyone have trust issues :slight_smile: