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Buyer wants to cancel order after I finished everything he asked and deliver the files


A buyer placed an order including a lots of programming, and coding in PHP, html, css and java scripts to make him a website
He’s a newbie, I think that it’s his first order

after delivering the product he says to cancel the order and there is no solid issue for that, The problem is not the product, it’s that he don’t need the website after he completed that website by me and take all the files. now any one can host that website files in the internet for a small charge.

I’ve been working 13 days on this project, replying to many questions and doing more things than the ones he ordered. also spend some money on it.

now what would I do?


You can say: “No, thank you. I’ve already completed the work you ordered so I decline to cancel.” If the buyer keeps hitting the cancel button, you can decline it each time. Many buyers realize you are standing firm and they leave you alone.

If the buyer goes to Support, it’s possible they will see that you delivered and back you up. It’s also possible Support will refund the buyer and then you might as well move on, but at least you’ll know you stood up for yourself. (If you didn’t deliver fully and on time, that’s different.)


Yeah I have completed work on time and I have proof of completion.


As long as you delivered too, then:


I hope the suggestion helps to @shakisa54
You can also contact CS.