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Buyer wants to cancel order after two deliveries

I have a buyer who requested a logo, and I delivered according to my gig description, but he says he doesn’t like it and opened a dispute - which i declined and sent him new samples. He showed interest in one and told me to make some changes. Whilst doing the changes, i get a notification saying he opened a dispute, claiming that, ‘The seller is not qualified to do the work’. He also sent me a message saying he wants to get someone else to do it. Should i cancel or decline his dispute, as I put in a lot of time into this project.


I wouldn’t agree to a cancellation. It looks like you have enough reviews and orders to support the notion that you do good work.

Not liking the result of your work isn’t a good enough reason for the buyer to cancel. You might point that out to your buyer.

Get in touch with CS, attach screenshots of your conversation … and suggest to them the buyer just wants free work. They won’t do anything at this point, but it’s giving them a heads up.

You deserve to get paid … and to defend yourself against scummy buyers …


Hello, you should refuse to cancel and do that as many times as he has the nerve to send requests to cancel. He has no valid reason to get a refund.

I agree you should also notify CS with a screenshot of him saying he “doesn’t like it” as the reason he wants to cancel and tell them you are not going to allow him to cancel.


I am in the same boat now.

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Even if Buyer insists, CS would tell both of you that the order isn’t eligible for cancellation. It’s happened to me before.

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Thanks for the advice. The order is still in a dispute state. The last message I received from them was, ‘please do yourself a favour and cancel the order’. Is this supposed to be a threat?

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I think it implies that they will leave a negative review.

Just like they can’t cancel just because they don’t like the logo, they are also free to leave any type of review they see fit.

Fiverr CS won’t do anything about that.

So it’s definitely up to you to decide if a cancellation or a negative review will hurt your profile the most.

Do not take this personally. Someone here mentioned that your reviews show you do good work. That’s not what you should focus on.

Whether this ends in a refund or with a negative review you need to go through this order ply by play and learn from it.

You either need to work on your communication skills or design skills, or probably both.

You will only fail if this happens to you again. Your buyer is already working on this with another seller and you can’t change that now.


I’d take it as a threat and report it to Customer Support.

If I went to your profile and see a one single bad review it wouldn’t make me not order from you as you have plenty good reviews, so I don’t think you have to worry about.

Just keep it polite not to give grounds for him to cancelled the order through CS, and you should be okay.

Good luck!