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Buyer wants to cancel order as found better deal somewhere else

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all doing well.
Am New here, Good to be here. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have come up with a issue, as my buyer ordered to make a menu.
He has a theme, i make it accordingly, he asks me to revise it by adding different elements(which means he approves the design and layout).
I make all the efforts and give enough time to bring out the best.
And then He says he wants a different design itself now.
I told him that would charge him extra.
I gave him enough time and everything communicating.

He then placed a new order for same.
When he marked the previous order completed, he gave me bad ratings.
And then texted me that he wants to cancel the new order he placed, as he has find someone else to do it for a better price.
And now with this…all the time and efforts that i put in, i get bad review and one cancellation, which will badly affect my profile.

I don’t know how much worried should i be at this moment.
Really want you guys to help me with this, as to what should be done next?
Thank you :slight_smile:


sorry, I don’t understand,Are you delivered the order already ??

If he has already left a negative review, if you choose to cancel, the review will NOT be deleted. If you did the work, say no. He has absolutely no right to demand a refund after work has been completed, merely because he has chosen to use a different seller’s work. He ordered from you, and you delivered. You deserve to get paid for the work you do.


Sorry that you misunderstood.
He ordered twice.
1st when he ordered, he ordered for a menu, i delivered according to the theme he asked.

I delivered and he then asked for revision asking to add some more elements in the same design.

I did that and delivered again with all the final touches and pages he required
After i gave so much time to it, making that design and all, he asked me to make a new design/layout completely.
I told that it will cost him extra.
He said thats ok…
I told him the price.
He also wanted to order 2 more menus.
He asked me to make custom offer for 2 new menus along with the new design for existing menu.
I asked him to complete the previous order as i delivered what he asked for.
I was ready to give unlimited revisions as i mentioned before, but making a all new design would definitely cost extra.

He said ok.
I made new custom offer.
He marked previous order completed by giving me “negative ratings”
Accepted my new offer and immediately said to me that he wants to cancel this new order as he has found someone else for a better price.

Which affects me in both ways.
1st Gave me bad ratings on first order.
2nd Asking me to cancel the new order,eventually droping my “completion rate”

I dont understand what should be done next.

Always keep in mind buyer has payed you the amount for quality work and he deserve it to get.If you can’t provide then buyer have right to cancel the order.And your question about which one issue will damage your profile.So definitly bad review will kill your profile so always keep try to avoid bad review even you miss the money regarding to your effort.Always prefer to satisfy your client by giving him explanation about quality of work or ask him for more time to do it again without asking any extra charges because it changes his kind mind.At end if you can’t satisfy him then ask him to cancel the order it will better then that of getting $5 dollar along with killer bad review.I hope it is enough for your satisfaction.

@langahsahiib Probably you misunderstood,
I understand and know what all you said above.
My point is if buyer wants to cancel within 30 minutes of placing an order saying “i have found a seller who is getting it done for better price, so sorry brother i have to cancel it this time, i will order you next time”
If buyer is paying for the quality work, we are providing it.
Sellers also work hard giving there precious time communicating and understanding what buyer is looking for, and after so much of discussion if they want to cancel the order, why did they place at the first place.
Cancellation anyway will affect sellers profile.
I don’t mind if cancellation is genuine, but this reason that “I’ve got better price somewhere else”

I understood you correctly before and suggested you regarding to that.Always remember buyer has more rights as he is paying money for service and we and fiverr both are earning through buyer money.Quality means that buyer likes not that we like because everyone has different choices.So it is better to cancel the order then that of getting a killer review.Because if you get any bad review no anyone buyer will trust on your service and you will kick out from competition and your gig will go on end of thousands dead gigs.So you also should consider that a cancellation of order is better then getting a bad killer review.
I hope it is enough for you

Simply in this situation you can do nothing.

He has already given you a bad review. The 2nd order if you even do his work and he even likes it I don’t think he will give you a good review.

Either you need to compromize or make his understand that you will do good work. However, still there is a chance of bad review which you can’t afford again as you are new to Fiverr with less reviews.

So, better to cancel you currently don’t have any LEVEL as you are new sellers just try to improve your stats and get more orders.

Also I would suggest you contact CS if you think I have done the work and what buyer is doing is wrong. Even if the CS suggest to cancel you can recall them that its not your fault may be if they cancel order it might have less effect as per gig ranking is considered.

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I did check your profile and I see your latest review being 4 star if you consider it bad then you have little miss understanding. You can’t get 5 star every time my lowest has been 3.7 stars but atleast it does not count in negative. So 4 star is not bad.


@jaimakhija So, here’s what I understood: the first order was marked as complete after a couple of requests for revisions where he requested for something that was beyond the scope of a revision. After you said that it was not possible to make such extensive changes in a revision request, he marked the order as complete and gave you a positive review! (any rating/review that’s higher than 2.5 stars is considered a positive rating/review!)

He then placed another order, which he canceled within half an hour of placing the order.

To be honest, you should consider yourself lucky that you are not working with this buyer anymore. Why would you want to continue working for such a buyer who is very demanding and is making ridiculous requests for revisions? Good riddance!? Besides, I am sure you wouldn’t have completed a great deal of work within only the half an hour you had before he canceled the order. So, it is not like you gave away work for free either.

Not only did you get a positive review (although it was not a 5-star review) for the first order, but you also got paid for the job. You cannot satisfy all buyers 100%. There are always going to be buyers who you will not be able to satisfy no matter how impeccable your services are.

I understand that you’re worried about your order completion rate that was impacted after the cancellation of the second order, but I think not having to deal with such a buyer anymore is a blessing in disguise. Your order completion rate will obviously increase as you finish more projects. It is not something you cannot rectify.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I would disagree with it.
Even in fiverr TOS it’s said that orders are not cancelled based on quality and client satisfaction if everything was delivered according to the gig description.

Fiverr also doesn’t like cancelling orders because they will also loose their profit in this case.
And on each bad review You can write your point of view and I would always prefer to finish the order then cancelling each of them when I think client will give me a bad review.

And actually all this completion ration and fiverr acting policy of “all cancellations count towards your completion ratio even if it’s not your fault” is exactly because of sellers like you who’s cancelling orders for not getting bad reviews.


You are right and am agree with you.But tell me when you have 20 or 25 five star reviews then can you afford a bad feedback?.I’m waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

If it’s an honestly left bad feedback then yes - Fiverr owes it to its buyers to show honest feedback, even if it’s negative.

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fiverr has owes to keep bad review for buyer to see but it is not good for seller as it is career of seller. fiverr have millions of buyers and sellers but you have no million chances :slight_smile: to get job.I’m waiting for your response :slight_smile:

For Fiverr to become a more trusted marketplace, they had to bring in the changes to the feedback system which they have.

If they hadn’t, buyers wouldn’t trust Fiverr and wouldn’t spend their hard earned cash. No buyers = no money to spend on sellers = no Fiverr.


Great you are right.But you are little away to my point.As we cancel the order then money will return to buyer and no chance of loosing money for buyer and it will not disappointed the buyer to contact fiverr seller again.The answer that you given is right exact that i was giving you if you get bad review than the bad review provider will not trust on fiverr agaib and absolutely he will waste his money by for cheap and bad service.I’m waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

Man you understood it quite well.
I actually thought of all this and made a move accordingly.
I went to CS , sent them the screenshots and everything, they got me that particular order cancelled without affecting my completion rate.

Yes offcourse i don’t want to deal with buyers like these in future.
I calculated all the time i spent in this particular order where i got 4.0 ratings, is the one where i spent my highest amount of time compared to other orders that is around 6 hours.
Anyways, I consider this as a lesson than a loss.

Thank you for your crucial time, really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Totally agree with you brother.
Thank you for your time, i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Totally agree with you.
Point is if you are right and genuine with your services, no buyer should have right to play with it and vice versa.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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