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Buyer wants to cancel order less than an hour after ordering

Hey everyone,

I’ve been selling on fiverr for just over 3 months and things have been decent so far, no negative feedback and no cancellations. However, today I received an order and then an hour later the buyer sent me a message stating he found someone else to do the order for him and he wants the order canceled. The buyer hasn’t submitted any info regarding the gig, so it’s currently not showing on my to do list, and the resolution center isn’t active since technically the order hasn’t been sent through completely. What do I do? I don’t want to tell him to submit info to make the order live to cancel it that way because I don’t want this order to affect my cancellation percentage when the cancellation is occurring due to the buyer ordering before he was sure he wanted to buy from me. I don’t think it’s fair that my rating should suffer due to his negligence. Is there a way for me to get this order canceled without it affecting my rating?

jnobi4 said:
  • Is there a way for me to get this order canceled without it affecting my rating?

  • No, but reminding you have the right to decline it. I always like to remind them of Fiverr's policy. Cancellations cannot be unjust - and is only to be used as a last option. Read over the policy here ( and repeat to them if needed.

    "Fiverr encourages Buyers and Sellers alike to communicate with each other on the Fiverr platform to resolve any possible issues that may lead up to an order cancellation. Canceling an order should be the last option to consider." and goes on to state, "In most cases, Buyers are directed to communicate further with their Sellers if there's no justifiable reason to cancel the order. Order cancellations, similar to Requesting Modifications for your Delivered order, will not be done based on Personal taste."

    If they give you negative feedback because you wouldn't cancel, Fiverr should remove it because it's not relevant to what was purchased and advertised - which is your work. They would be commenting on Fiverr's system and policy they themselves put in place to protect buyers/sellers from unjust cancellations.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    Fiverr Customer Support

    Reply to @thepromogirl: Fiverr states this as their policy but rest assured, even if you remind the buyer of this (which is sure to piss them off), they will cancel anyway. Fiverr cannot force a buyer to pay for a service, especially when no exchange took place (no instructions were given).

    @jnobi4 My advice would be to tell the buyer to just leave things as is. (Hopefully they don’t consider $5 to be too much). Do not try to have the incomplete order removed. Avoid cancellations at all costs.

    what would happen to the order if they just did nothing with it and never sent instructions? Would it just stay pending forever or would it eventually ho inactive?

    Just leave it.


    I have about 11 pending orders since buyers did not submit the info. No big deal and as most people stated, just ignore it and move on.


    So, if one leaves it “pending” does the buyer lose out on their $5? Or does fiverr eventually refund them?

    That’s an interesting question! I would think that, since the order never activated, no funds were moved. But perhaps that’s incorrect.

    I’ve had a couple “pending” orders…personally, it drove me crazy & I eventually had them cancelled, but if ignored, your cancellation rate would be left unchanged, so definitely worth considering~

    Hi all,

    I just had someone order a gig and then cancel within a few minutes saying that they didn’t mean to order, they were just browsing. They did however include a number of my extras to their order including express along with other options available.

    What do I do. TOS says to only do mutual cancellations as a last resort. I only have two days before it’s due, the clock is ticking and I don’t know what to do. They are also not answering my messages.

    How do I resolve this without it affecting my rating?