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Buyer wants to cancel order

After I have done everything now buyer need cancel order. I have so many question. But want to know from my friend, what will good for me. If I agree with him what I will loose. Or If I challenge what will I gain? Please tell me soon . I have to take decision.


Why does your buyer want to cancel please?

It was a 3d view that he display in his school party. My be now no need this,

Try as much as you can … ‘not to cancel’ offer him more revisions…
Under any circumstances YOU be not the one cancelling…

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Tough - you did the work, you deserve to be paid for it.

Please do not accept the cancellation if this is the only reason given - however you cancel, it’ll count against your seller stats, which you don’t want.


I give him offer but he fiverr give massage that he want to cancel.

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Yes … it will be a setback … fiverr they say never sides with the buyer… but the good news it … this cancellation will flush out of your profile in 60 days… :slight_smile:
or is it 30 :roll_eyes:
don’t remember … ask the gurus !

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a quote to make you feel better:
if it were not for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song!

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What is your advice . I should fight with him? Or no need

passive fight … in the sense … don’t cancel YOURSELF! … don’t agree on mutual cancellation…

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Fight. Say no. Do not cancel. Every time you work then agree to cancel, you show buyers like this how easy it is to get work free.

When my gran died, she died with a freezer full of groceries. I tried returning these to the supermarket, but then got arrested for being insane.

It does not matter if your buyer no longer needs your work. They did need your work, and they waited for you to take time out of your life to complete their project. You can’t get that time back.

Do not cancel. Reply to your buyer by saying:


I’m very sorry but I do not cancel orders after delivery. Please also note that if you attempt to cancel this order and continue to use or re-sell the work provided to you, this will result in takedown requests and copyright notices being filed with web hosts and content distributors.

Kind Regards,


This is a common scam. Do not stand for it.


I will do as you say , But I think he will not come back to read this…Then what will happen?

Instead of getting warning and cancellation both, It is best to cancel order, otherwise buyer will report you and you will get warning from CS and also Cs will cancel your order,

My advice is to simply cancel the order,if your buyer really want refund

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This buyer gave order without contact me. In my gig I wrote “contact me before order” and he have done so many wrong, Just now he accept order but give *3… bad for me. Thanks to every body for help

At last buyer accept order and give *3. Very bad for me

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I have to respond to this for the sake of other people reading, especially new sellers. This is not good advice. Support does not normally give out warnings if a buyer just changes their mind after delivery. This makes no sense. If the seller does something wrong or is rude, there could be a warning. Otherwise a cancellation is just a cancellation. The seller does not need to cancel an order if the work was done. Choosing to cancel because of fear of what might happen causes sellers to get scammed repeatedly.


So, you’re encouraging the OP to keep offering unlimited revisions until the buyer is happy? That’s terrible advice! If the OP did the work, the OP should decline the refund demands. Say no, and mean it.

What? This makes no sense either. All cancellations, no matter who initiates them, will affect your cancellation rating.

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Hi there

If the buyer want to cancel you should cancel the order. If you go with fiverr support it’s your lose bcz fiverr support buyers max. So it’s better you cancel its effect on your account with cancelations percentage and its will recover no worries.

But if you go with buyer and he review you with 1 or 2 star :star2:… It’s effect on your rating which is not recover soon. It depend and take time more then months or year of you got good order.

So i think you need to cancel



Now it is late, buyer give 3 star It is very bad for me…

May be cancellation was better, Buyer withdraw his cancel order and give 3 star. This is bad for me.