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Buyer wants to cancel order!

Hi, A buyer asked me to create a custom offer, I created and he accepted. Now he is asking to cancel the order. I know if I cancel, it will badly affect my completion rate. So, what should I do to save the completion rate?
NOTE: Buyer did not submit all requirements that’s why order time not started yet.

Why that buyer wants to cancel that custom order. Has he mentioned any specific reason.

Please inform this incident to Fiverr support.

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It seems he hired someone at a cheap rate but he says, he doesn’t have further detail yet and will order again. But on his website, I can see changes made by someone that he wants. It was website task.

Open a ticket on fiverr support and let them cancel from their end. Don’t forget to mention that the buyer didn’t provided necessary details required to start the work.

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It will badly affect my gig and completion rate or not?

Only fiverr support can ensure that the cancellation won’t hurt your profile

ohk. Thanks, I hope Fiverr solve this problem without any other issue.